Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kung Fu Kitchen, Northbridge

I just had dinner at Kung Fu Kitchen at Northbridge! The name is so cute I just had to go there!

Kung Fu Kitchen is just a small restaurant serving "special kind" of food (Braised and Cold Dishes). It might be weird for some people, but if you are willing to try, it's actually quite nice. :)

Look at the menu below, you will know what I mean.

Braised Chicken Feet, Pork Ears, Pork liver, Duck Neck, Head Tongue, Giblet, Ox Tribe and many more. Are you familiar with all these??

Don't worry, if you don't like those, they serve Braised Chicken, bean curd, tofu, dumplings & spicy noodles too! Sound more like food now? :P

Now, what did I had for dinner today?

Braised Chicken in chili sauce. (Half Chicken) $14

Braised Ox Tongue $10

Braised Duck Giblet $10

and comes with a small plate of szechuan chili sauce.

The price is pretty cheap isn't it? Serving is definitely generous too! Me and my 2 other friends had all these with rice. The chicken was tender and juicy. Flavors just right. Not overpowering by the spices but still get the fragrant from it. Ox Tongue was good too! It might look rough in the photo but it was nice! If they didn't tell me what it is, I wouldn't know it's actually tongue! Taste like slice pork to me! :D As for the Giblet, nice and crunchy and taste good. The only thing that I would like them to do is probably have the Giblets in smaller size. It's quite difficult to chew such a big piece.

Overall, it was a reasonable price and tasty meal. Don't think you can get these kind of food anywhere else in Perth. It's a bit too gamey I know but they did it really nicely with the food preparation and cooking it. So it's actually not bad at all! Oh, they have Herbal Tea Egg too!

Go have a gamey lunch or dinner one day! You'll be surprise! :D

Kung Fu Kitchen
Shop 3, 145 Newcastle Street, Northbridge
Ph: 0413 908 997

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