Thursday, March 24, 2011

Brooke's Baby Shower

2 weeks ago I went to Brooke's baby shower. It was my first time experience!
I went with my 2 other colleagues, Judy and Christine.

As you know I'm a scary cat. When I got there and saw so many people around, I was like "Wow! That is a lot of people that I don't know! Okay, I'm going to hide behind my colleagues" :P

and I did hahahah. Don't ask me why. That's me. Gah.. I will change!!!! One day!!! >_<

When we got there, after saying hi to everyone, I started gazing around with those beautiful decorations and gifts! It was a beautiful party! The place was decorated with cute baby paper lanterns, beautiful flowers and lots of finger food!

The baby shower was organized by her best friend Kelly. She really did a amazing job! She prepared deco, food, flowers, games, prizes and more! I want a friend like this hahahah!

While waiting for everybody to arrive, we had some nice finger food to start with. It's amazing how they can prepare so much food! Regret that I had lunch before I went there.. or else I could have eaten so much more! :P

About an hour later, Kelly started to get attention from everybody because we are playing the "Baby Bingo"! Can't believe there's so much things to take care of a baby!

Guess what? I won! hehehe a box of Chocolates!
We had this other game too. But it's too difficult for me :P It's the fill in the blanks game. I gave up! hehe I started writing stupid things instead. Oh well~!

While I was there, I took some photos of the gifts...

Brooke's friend's baby boy.. I want eyes so big like his!

and The beautiful flowers..
It was great! The weather was just right that day too!

Brooke opens all the pressies on the spot and gosh.. never know baby need so much stuff! No wonder people always says baby cost a bomb. Now I know why! The worst part is baby stuff are so cute!!! You will just get everything when you see it! Too cute to resist!

My favourite part of the day... baby shower ends with.. CUPCAKES!!

Aren't they cute??

Everybody each got 1 cupcake to take home too! It's soooo yum!

Hey Brooke! Can't wait to see your baby!!!
We miss you at work!!! Come back quick!!!


L said...

lovely pictures!! i think baby shower is so much fun! btw, just been to koko black. very nice...i miss friends in melb. :)

Jo Serwey said...

L! yea.. baby showers are fun! invite me to yours ok! hahahaha
What did you had in Koko Black??
you miss your friends in Melb.. I MISS MELB!!! >_<
Such a foodie land!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for the post! The baby shower was fantastic, big thanks to everyone for coming and the presents were overwhelming!! Please send me anymore great pics you might have. Brooke

Jo Serwey said...

haha ok brooke! :D