Monday, March 7, 2011

Back from Melbourne

I've been neglecting my blog for nearly a week! That's because Joe and I went to Melbourne for 5 days to celebrate my birthday!! It was the awesomest holiday ever!!! Get to eat in a few Top Restaurants in Australia, met Masterchef contestants from Season 1, Masterchef Judge George Colombaris, a friend that I haven't seen since year 2000, met my friend that I know since primary school, and won $200 playing Roulette and BJ in Crown Casino! Life if good man.

Now back in Perth! Back to cleaning, working, cooking and I got so much back log to do!!!
So guys, I'm going to be very busy editing photos and blogging for my KL trip, Bangkok trip, Restaurant reviews, Melbourne trip and lots more. I wish I can divide myself into 6 so I can get it done as soon as possible!! I just can't wait to share!!! XD

Wish me luck by cutting myself up! nah joking. hehe


L said...

wah, awesome! unforgettable bday celebration!
& you're back in perth for Eat Drink Perth! look like you are really really busy...haha...look forward to your sharings of your trips!

Franky said...

please put up lots of photos and write lots... I really would like something interesting to read... take pity on me in derby

Jo Serwey said...

L: yes!! Eat Drink Perth! not sure how am I gonna fit all the food in but im going to do it! Friday Twilight Hawker!! Yeaaahhh!!

Franky: hahaha okokok.. I will upload as soon as after edited the photos!! :D Having fun in Derby?

Franky said...

fun is not a word i would use... it's ok up here... but i miss my bed and doing nothing at home...