Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spring Valley Elvis Track Complimentary Download

This ad is sponsored by Nuffnang and Spring Valley.

Have you tried Spring Valley Juices yet? Try it now if you haven’t!
There’s 10 different kind of fruity flavours!
You can have it on the run or with a meal!
There’s no artificial colours or flavours and no preservatives
with a good source of Vitamin C!

Who can resist that? XD

Do you like Elvis Presley? I used to listen to his song when I was young on the radio!
Like Love Me Tender,

Are you lonesome tonight,

and my favourite Only you.

Spring Valley is giving away a complimentary Elvis track “Spring Fever” !!!
Please help to spread the word!

Head over to the Spring Valley Facebook page and 'like' it

After liking the Spring Valley page, the track can be downloaded via the "Elvis Track" tab.

It’s that easy!!!
Go to Spring Valley Facebook Page now! I’m there! What are you waiting for??

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