Monday, February 7, 2011

[Photog] My Girly Couziesss

Sorry for not updating these few days! It was a busy Chinese New Year! Got back home on CNY eve night, CNY the next day, then 3 days trip to Cameron Highland with families!

During CNY and Cameron trip, I managed to get my cousins to be my model! Yeap, that's what is going to happen wherever I go now- taking pics and asking people to pose for me :P

My cousins of course very very coorperative too! ahhaha Not only taken 1 photo of them but tons! Not complaining here haahah too happy cuz I get to snap! They are so energetic and fun! Wish I can be as young as them again! :P






This photo taken by my sis! I love it so much! I think my sis is a better photographer ahahahha


fiery said...

eiyer where can. may never let me take photo of her man

Jo Serwey said...

ahaha u yong sui la :P

Anonymous said...

So cute!


Shinmay.YenHwa said...

i only smile to super b camera :PP