Saturday, February 26, 2011

A day trip to Tanjung Sepat, Malaysia.

While I was in Malaysia for Chinese New Year holiday, my friends and I went to a lil town call Tanjung Sepat. Tanjung Sepat is near Morib. Which is famous for the beaches and seafood. There were 7 of us in a car and following another car who is our "tour guide"! We were lucky so lucky to have him bringing us around. Or else, we will probably be lost hahahah and probably miss out a lot of things to see.

First stop is BREAKFAST~! We start our journey from Sri Petaling. Stopped by at the morning hawkers and have a plate of yummilicious Char Kuey Teow. OMG it's been so long since I had that type of CKT!!! Kuey teow were thinner and smaller, lots of beans sprouts, and the flavour is just right! Just like the one that I had when I was a child! Oh I miss it sooo soooo much!!!

After a nice breakfast, we started our journey! 2 hours on the road + only had 3 hours of sleep the night before is not helping. By keeping all of us awake in the car, we turn on the music and started singing! It's unbelievable how much songs we sang during that 2 hours. 0_0

Now, we got here at Tanjung Sepat famous Restoran Yikee Seafood Bak Kut Teh.
Address: 247B, Jalan Besar, Kampung Baru, Tanjung Sepat, Selangor

We had the Seafood Bak kut teh and Preserved veges with pork. I think I prefer the Preserved Veges one rather than the Seafood one as it doesn't impress me. To me, it's just another pot of bak kut teh. The only difference is probably it's lots of prawns. hehe

After lunch, we stopped by a place where you can see a scenery that you never see before in your life. Haha.. it's nothing special really but I thought the scenery is really different from where I live. It feels like you are in another country.

Oh look! Our "tour guide" Yoon and his lil helper! She is one cute and beautiful lil girl!

We walked towards the lil hut in the middle of the ocean and enjoyed the breeze. We stood there for quite some time and enjoyed the not-in-the-city moment. It was great! The view from both sides were so cool!

This is the view of it. Lots and lots of dead trees! A landscape photographer will love this place. This place look even better when sunsets! I can imagine it's going to be a beautiful and romantic place.

Next stop is the Gano mushroom farm.
Address: Lot 700, Jln Laut Membiru, Tmn Pelangi, 42800 Tanjung Sepat, Selangor
It was quite fun to see all kinds of mushrooms! They were beautiful too!
You can see them packing the mushrooms, learn about the mushrooms and there's even a shop selling all kinds of mushrooms! From fresh to bottled. I bought some Shitake mushrooms and some other types for my mom. Oh, try the bottled Tom tum mushrooms too! Heard it's yum! Good to go with anything.

After that we stopped by Joo Fa Trading. A place that makes coffee powder. It's a family business and the owner is extremely friendly. He told us all about coffee, showed us the coffee tree and the seeds too!

I have never seen coffee seeds in my life and never know it actually look like this! Feel like eating it. :P

He is the owner I think? Very very friendly. He told us about the healthy coffee that they got and he drinks it everyday. The healthy coffee actually makes him healthier and look younger too! It's unbelievable but when he told us his age and showed us the older photos that he took few years ago, we were actually shocked to know that he look younger than before!!! Not sure if he is selling it, I didn't asked because I don't drink coffee. :P

Finally, the stop that I've been waiting for.. The BUNSSSS!!!
Hai Yew Heng Bao. The buns were all made fresh and it's really really famous with one particular bun. It's called the Mui Choy (preserved vege) Bun!
The photo above is the first shop that they opened since 1980s if I'm not mistaken. No air cond. Can you imagine making paos there with the Malaysia heat?

They got so popular now with celebrities from Hong Kong going there just to try their buns!! The business is better and better day by day and now they got a new shop with air cond just opposite the road!!!

Ah ma (grandma) can now enjoy making buns with nice cool air cond! She is my hero man.. by creating Mui Choi Baos.. If you don't know yet, I'm a Mui Choi Fans! I love everything Mui Choi!!! and trust me.. the Mui choi buns are to die for.

When I took a bite of it, the gravy from the Mui Choi just melting all over my tongue and with the texture of the soft buns.. omg that is what you call HEAVEN! Just like the Mui Choi all rolling and screaming with joy in my mouth! okay.. too much details. hahaha
But seriously you gotto try it. I ha

Each of us ordered like 10 buns to take home because it's so nice! There's 7 of us.. so..about 70 buns? They have to make it fresh on that day because we ordered a lot! It was 2pm when we ordered it, and pick it up at 6pm (closing time).
Sadly, it didn't taste as good the next day after steaming. It was quite dry honestly. Wondering if it's because they didn't cooked it well because it was too rush or is it because of the resteaming.

You won't believe how much we eat that day. After having the buns, we stopped by a house like restaurant to have fried yam(taro). It was amazingly yum! Soft in the inside and crunchy on the outside! Dip it with the sweet sauce.. oh so good!

Next destination is the Keropok shop (Malay name for potato chips). No we didn't buy that big bag of chips! but it's interesting to see there's so many of them! I have never seen so many bags of keropok in my life! hahahah

After that, we stopped by the famous and beautiful Golden Palm Tree Resort. It was beautiful!

Clean and nicely decorated with lights, romantic sitting lounge area, and there will be a mini cart that will pick you up from your room and drive you to the entrance. How cool is that!

and the cost.. of course, very pretty too.

Below are some photos that I took while I was there. Just thought the view is amazing. So we decided to stopped by and take a couple of nice photos.

Lots of rubbish twirling around this isn't it? hahaha wonder if it's still working!

I thought I can only see this scene in the olden days drama or movies. Couldn't believe I can still see it today just right in front of me. I had to take a photo of her. It's so precious.

The place that we had our dinner at Ocen Seafood restaurant. Which is just next to the famous Lovers Bridge. We had a big feast there really. Try the tofu claypot! It's so yum!!!

After dinner, we walked the Lover's Bridge. Although it's called the Lover Bridge, but it's not romantic at all and not really for lovers ahhaah.. it's such a busy bridge! It is now turned into a fishermen loading area.

While you are walking on that bridge, you gotto becareful with those motorbikes that are transporting crates and crates of seafood! They will go honk honk honk speeding all the way and we will have to stand as close to the side of the wooden bridge to avoid them! That was around dinner time.

But after you get to the end of the bridge, you will see the boats all lined up and the fishermen is busy transferring the crates of seafood up. They are so fast and efficient! Saw lots of fishes!

Lover's bridge is such a interesting place to go to and definitely a place to go for photo enthusiast!

We left Tanjung Sepat after that at around 7pm and head to a Temple that is only opened to public during Chinese New Year period. On the normal days, they are closed and only open for the monks. That temple is HUGE and we were so lucky to be there! Beautiful decorated lights and there are so many things to see!

I saw lots of people carrying cameras and snappin away.

I'm not sure what Temple this is but I will try to find it out. Make sure you go there during Chinese New Year!

Thank you to all my girls! It's lovely to be with you all and miss you lots! See ya...
Next Year!

Where shall we go next? hehehehe


Joseph said...

Appreciate it if I can have the contacts for the following places you visited:
1. Joo Fa Trading (coffee)
2.Hai Yew Heng Bao
3. Keropok shop &
4. A nice & economical seafood restaurant.
I'm planning to take about 50 students to visit this place as our Field Trip.
Thank you!

Jo Serwey said...

Hi Joseph,

I'm not really sure myself as I don't live in Tanjung Sepat, it was my day trip and first time as well.

Anyway, I have tried googling it and I hope it is the correct address.

Joo Fa Trading
No. 356, Lorong 5, Jalan Besar, 42800 Tanjung Sepat

Hai Yew Heng
No. 405, Jalan Pasar 42800 Tanjung Sepat

As for the Keropok shop,
Found a better shop from this website.

As for food, I'm not sure. maybe you should google it.

Have fun. :)

wwchee said...

Can we just go in and have a look @ Golden Palm Tree Resort? Your photoes NICE!

Jo Serwey said...

yeaps wwchee!
Just get the visitor pass from the security and off you go! haha
the only place that you cant go is the hotel room area. :D

joanne said...

hi, i go to tanjuk sepat in 2 and i have dun no some things can play in there can say it to me please!

Marcus Tan said...

The temple name is called Song Zen Temple.... hope to c u tis year... yo....

Marcus Tan said...

Sry, dong Zen temple....

Frankie Yong said...

I just went Tg Sepat recently. So much interesting foods to try but I can only choose the most famous first. Whn I read your blog, Gosh! there seems to be many more things to explore. Good blog indeed.

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