Friday, February 18, 2011

Bangkok Day 3 - last day

Today is our last day at Bangkok, so is our shopping day.

We had our breakfast in the room. Sticky rice with some dried pork in banana leaf and spongy coffee cake. Both bought from Kanchanaburi.

After that we took a taxi to the Grand Palace. The palace was massive! It will take you about 1-2 hours to walk around if you have a tour guide telling you the history. Or else you can just grab the booklet at the entrance and read the history while you are exploring around. It cost 350 baht per person. No shorts or sleeveless shirt. They will ask you to hire a long skirt or shirt to wear if your clothing is not appropriate. Most important thing is becareful of your belongings and do not trust the TukTuk drivers there.

It was a super hot day, so my sister and I left early and head to the Platinum mall. Platinum mall is famous for cheap and nice clothings. Seriously a heaven for the girls!!! It's so cheap I don't know which to buy! There's 5 floors full of clothing n accessories! Clothes price start from 100baht. That's RM10/AUD3 !

In the middle of shopping time, we stopped for a munch. My sis had pork mix n rice. I had KFC. Haha just wanted to see if there's any different from KL KFC and Aus KFC.

After a few hours of shopping, we head back to Lub D backpackers to drop off our stuff then start our way to Pah Tong night market. Pah Tong night market sell mostly pirated stuff. Like fake branded goods and clothings. There's nothing interest us so we went to find something local to eat.

We found a little alley way restaurant. Don't know what is it call but I feel so Thai there haha. First time having food in such a local place. Felt exciting!

We shared omelette, pork basil rice and chicken stir fry noodle.

While we walked back to the backpackers, this man caught our attention. His knife skill of carving the soap is unbelievable. He was so fast and consistent! I stood there and stared at his art of carving for few minutes!

Can't believe is the last day of my bangkok trip because we are leaving tomorrow morning. I am definitely coming back here for another holiday!

Oh! I bought the Thai/Chinese traditional clothes too! It fits perfectly! Will wear it on 2012 Chinese New Year haha!

Night all!

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