Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bangkok Day 2

Woke up at 7.30am this morning to catch the beautiful morning scenery at the Resort River Kwai at Kanchanaburi.

Indeed it was beautiful and breathtaking. Sorry I took the photos using iPhone for blogging day by day purpose, but no worries, I got nicer photos on my SLR camera.

This is part of the River Kwai. Nice isn't it?

Me n my sis had the complimentary breakfast at the resort then we head to the famous River Kwai bridge pier by taking the speed boat. It was fun! Saw floating restaurants and floating houses! Never seen anything like this before!

The history of that bridge is in memory of the approximately 700 servicemen of the United States of America who as prisoners of war of the Japanese during WW2 were moved to Thailand and Burma . Interned in prison camps and forced to work on the construction of Thailand-Burma railway project. In special memory of the 350 of these who perished from disease, malnutrition, overwork n physical abuse.

After that, we rest at katie's cafe. Its call Cafe de Paradiso It's a nice n friendly looking cafe that serves quality drinks.

After that we went to visit the elephants! They were so adorable! My sis n I even sat on the elephant and walk around :) it was a good experience. But I don't think I will take it again because I can't bear to see the people there hit the elephant so hard when they go the wrong path! I know the elephant probably just felt a pinch because of the thick skin, but I just can't accept it. I felt like they were tortured because of me. I also understand that they had to do that because elephant can be dangerous if they don't follow the order, so.. I don't know.. Mixed feelings.

Then we went to have lunch at a restaurant that were not serve for foreigners. I have to say the food was good and different, we totally enjoying it til I see a fly on my phad thai noodle. Hahaha

Interesting isn't it? More protein! Its quite a common thing for asian country, so I was okay about it, just that I stopped eating after that hahaha.

Then we when to a temple at Amphur Muang called Wat Phrapathom Chedi to pray. It was huge.

We head back to Bangkok at around 6pm and had our dinner at Foodland. It's a supermarket and restaurant in one place. They sell mostly international food product from western, chinese, Japanese n others.

We stopped by Pinklao for street shopping. Bought some dresses there :p cheap!!!

Then our last stop is Health Land massage place. That place look like 5 star hotel!! Had 2 hours massage for only 450baht! Okay that's super cheap n service was like top class! Unbelievable.

Now back at Lub D (means sleep well) backpackers and I'm going to have a super deep sleep!!!! Good night everyone!


Megumi said...

wey, ur trip is so fun! making me miss bangkok altogether. tell me about ur kanchanaburi experience.... i went there the other time but was cheated big time haha.... did u visit the tiger temple?

have fun and do more shopping k!

Jo Serwey said...

Hey wenlyn! No I didn't go to the tiger temple cuz it's for tourist and they will charge us a lot! My friend said not worth it so she brought us to places that is popular in that area but not for tourist. We saved a lot hehe. Thank god got my friend there. It's a nice town. :D