Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bangkok Day 1

It's 11.34pm Bangkok time now, waiting for my hair to dry so I can go to bed and sleeeeeep!

Anyway, let me tell you about what I did the first day here! This is what I had in the plane, hot dog n a cup of black tea. I like the hot dog! Buns were warm n soft and generous amount of sauces n pickled veggies!

Guess what! I just found that paper cups can really be like a cup! Okay, you can call me sua-ku or whatever you want but this is creative man! Looks dodgy but totally usable.

Finally after nearly 2 hours of flight from KL, me n my sis were finally here in Bangkok! We got our luggage and head straight to the passport counter.

I was amazed that there's air purifier on every counter! A mini one, it looks really cool.

We stopped by to get some 7-eleven buns! Tons of choices and they are delicious and cheap!!! I had the pork floss bun and mini hot dogs.

We stayed at Lub D backpackers at Silom. It was reasonable price and most importantly looks nice, clean n convenient!

They got Internet access, games and a mini bar for food n drinks too at the common area!
We got the double bed room with personal toilet & bathroom, wifi, a safe, tv and etc. It's just like hotel.

After that we went to Siam Paragon shopping mall using the Skyline train. We went there to shop and look see around :) we bought lots of toiletries at a shop call Bootes! ( a shop like pharmacy. Eg. Guardian) Everything is cheap there compare to KL n Perth :p

After that we met up with my friend Katie, she brought us to Siam@siam to dine at the roof top! The view was excellent and it was so windy today! Siam@Siam is probably a nice place to have a date or a romantic night cuz it's so beautiful..

After dinner, we hopped into katie's car and head to River Kwai at Kanchanaburi (about 1.30-2hours drive) to stay for a night so we can visit Floating Market and Tiger temple and other places tomorrow! Yay!!

Really excited for tomorrow!
Can't wait to get wifi access so I can post this up now!! XD

Ok gtg sleep now! Waking up early tomorrow! Byebye!

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