Friday, January 7, 2011

[Photog] Fishing Trip

Okay I lied, it was a photographing trip for me :P
I went to a 3 hour fishing with a couple of friends because Gwen is going to leave Perth for good as her visa will be ended in a month or 2. She wants to experience everything she could in OZ before she leaves.

So Joe brought us to this nice lil Jetty at Mosman. The scenery there is beautiful and makes you feel really nice and comfortable. Beautiful houses and friendly people.

This is the Jetty we went to. Pretty nice right?
It was cloudy and super windy yesterday. Tide was high as well. Not a good time to fish like that. But we go on anyway since we are here.

Joe is teaching the girls how to tie the hook while I am taking photos using my all-round lens :)

My new 18-270 lens is pretty good when it comes to take scenery and things that are super far (awesome zoom!). But when I tried to take photos of human, it didn't work that well. I was rather disappointed with it though. So now I need to save up to get a L lens which is kind of impossible :( dyamn.

Took some photos with the lens as further as it can go. I can take quite good stuff hahah
Felt like a paparazzi!

I can take a photo of the boats across the huge river. (Look at the photos on top to see how far the boats actually are.)
Anyway, these are some photos that I took.

Blowy died in between the wooden plank.

Somebody is swimming while they are fishing. Mermansss!

After getting a bit frustration over the Tamron lens for trying to get sharper photos of my friends, I gave up and changed my lens back to my prime lens.
I'm a happier person after that ahhaha. I still love my Tamron! Good for my next trip to Thailand and back home!

Alan caught the first fish! Black Bream!

Joe caught one too!

Alice caught a flathead but it was too small to be caught so she released it back to the river.

This is a photo of sunset at Mosman. Beautiful. I had a great time yesterday fishing and photographing. I wanna go there to fish again!

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