Friday, January 14, 2011

[Photog] The album of Love

My new year resolution is 1 step nearer! Honestly I'm feeling quite happy to myself (tingling in my heart :P ) because I have photograph the most beautiful couple in my life! hehehehe (using SLR of course.. hahaha p&s camera doesn't count)
I'm lucky to have such beautiful friends around me really, and I'm lucky they are willing to be my model!

This album is specially for both of them who are going to leave Perth for good back to their home country. I had so much fun photographing them and good thing is they are such a natural!
The theme for this album is call "Memories". Basically just photographing them places that they've been to everytime, what they do together and etc.
We used about 5 hours of shooting under the hot weather and scouting for nice place to shoot. It was fun!
We went to the city where they shop, woolworth, the bubble tea place, and more.. the last place which is the most important place, that is the Swan Brewery Jetty. That's where they spent their sweet time sitting at the jetty enjoying bubble tea. How sweet is that!

Here are some of my favourites! Hope you like it too.

To Kristy and Wilson, have a safe journey home and hopefully one both can come back to Perth for good!! ^-^

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