Friday, January 28, 2011


You won't believe this. (Even I don't believe it too!)
I sprained my back. :(

Yesterday I was clearing up a room for my couz for the weekend, I carried a box of stuff out of the room with Joe. Somehow, my back (waist area) just had this needle pain not just for 1 second but like more and more needle poking me! I told Joe, my back hurts, couldn't carry anymore. So I let go after 4 seconds of carrying it.

I thought the pain will go away as long as I don't have the pressure on my back anymore, I was absolutely wrong. The pain got worse. I couldn't sit, I couldn't walk properly, and pain while I was lying on the bed! It just felt like my bone was going to break into 2! I was so scared I started to feel dizzy -_-"

After that I just went straight to bed and rest, hoping everything will be fine the next day. I was wrong again, still feeling pain the whole night, couldn't turn and move.

So, woke up this morning and saw Frances preparing to go to work. I thought.. I cannot go on like this.. I'm like having so much pain and started sweating, feeling dizzy again. So I asked Frances for help. Luckily I got Frances at home.. or else I think I am still in pain. She told me it will go away after a few days, and she gave me some painkillers. 2 types of pill and I feel better now.

I can't do anything today!!! :(
Can't lift heavy things, can't go to work, can't drive around, can't make cookies.

I wish I could just lay on the bed but it was soooooooooo hot today, I had to get up! 38 degrees burning hot day. and now, I'm sitting on the chair, blogging about my back pain experience.

Lesson of the day.
Carry things in the correct way. Do more exercise to strengthen your back muscle.
Please get well soon.. I need to go to Rockpool tonight... XI

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