Sunday, January 16, 2011

Interior Designer

Today I helped a friend of mine to sketch out some interior design for a cafe. It was a enjoyable process! I'm not a Interior designer but I think I've drawn it quite understandable although perspective might be a little bit out. hehe Anyway this is just to give them and idea how the cafe gonna look like.

Bbeing lazy, I didn't use a ruler in the drawings. Just free hand sketching. You might see some part is a bit dodgy haha But honestly, I'm glad that my drawing is still in the "OKAY" condition. I'm happy!

I've always interested in Interior design. Who doesn't like a beautiful looking house right? But I know I'm not 100% into it. You know what I mean? It's like I like it as a hobby but not as a job.

I remember when I was young, me and my brother will take out a big piece of white paper, and started drawing the floor plan of the house, design on it, and even plan on which room goes well on which side! Oh, we even draw a mini person to go with the floor plan too! hahaha It's quite a fun game :P

Then when I'm older, went to a design school and we had to learn a little about everything, so that we will know which major we should go to. I didn't choose interior because I thought it wasn't a course that I would enjoy. Of course, I realised I was wrong after that.

When I was at uni, I ask my lecturer if I can have Interior design as one of my minor subject because I want to try something different. Luckily she said okay and so, I've joined this class with interior design students who knows all the stuff, except me. I had to learn everything from scratch. It was a little difficult for me but believe it or not, it was my best and favourite class ever in my design school life! I got the highest score in this class for the assignment!

The assignment was about creating a window display by using one of the Ikea piece. I got the Kramfors Chaise Lounge as my piece.

It's easy if you just draw the design out on paper, but we have to actually make all deco out by using foam, clay, paper and etc. All scaled down. You won't believe how much effort I've put onto this assignment. It's unbelievable. I was so in love with this assignment, I literally do this everyday. First by making the couch into perfection by using foam board. Measure it, cutting it, sticking it, sanding it and colour it. I think my cousin thinks that I'm crazy. Don't think she's ever seen me so serious before haha.

After the chaise lounge, slowly I make the black box as the window display, the photo frame, tiny books, then the wooden stair and some other things.

Anyway, this is my final design. I think it looks a bit not so nice in the photo because there's suppose to be lighting in the box. I sort of ruin the wiring while I was moving house. So, it doesn't work now and I didn't manage to fix it. But I will fix it one day and display it it nicely. :)

Front View

Top View

Top left.

I miss my interior design class.


fiery said...

i miss ur interior design class too!

Jo Serwey said...

hahaha.. why not u attend one! so i can help u do urs!

fiery said...

i only like to see u do it :P

lanc! never reply me on msn! when u going back msia???

Jaxon Oakley said...

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