Thursday, January 20, 2011

IGA East Perth Curry

Who loves curry!?!!
Oh wait! I should say cheap + delicious + lots of choices Curry!
Joe brought me to East Perth IGA to have lunch! Yes, you read it right! IGA! Not a normal IGA that you go to anywhere else, but only the IGA in East Perth!

When you walked in, you will smell the spices and curry, and you will definitely see a whole lot of curries right in front of you.
The man who stands behind the counter doesn't smile. Well, not when it's busy anyway haha. He is not rude or anything, I just thought he is soooo used to it that he doesn't smile while serving :P
Although it's abit like the food court style, but quality definitely better.

There's variety of veges and meats to choose from with lots of briyani rice~

Joe got the 2 meat and 2 vege plate. It was huge! You just can't stop eating eventhough you are full, cuz it's delicious.
Joe got the huge piece of lamb (no fat!) and it's absolutely tender! Don't know how he cooked it but Joe and I were just shoving everything!

I got a small tub of it. Briyani, mince curry + potato (<--love the potato!) and chick peas for just $6.50. It was just the right size for me really. Although it's just a small tub, but it was filling. Briyani is nicely cooked.

From what I've heard, that place gets busy during lunch time 12pm onwards. If you want to eat there, you will have to go earlier because there are only 4 small tables outside IGA. Best is to take away. Try it if you haven't!

Ahh.. I love delicious cheap eats! *heart*

Sorry for crappy iphone photos.


jasonho said...

I luv curry!

L said...

so cool! IGA!? will check it out someday!

Jo Serwey said...

yea L! let me know what you think!

David Fenton said...

Awesome, looks damn tasty!
Randomly found your blog when I was looking for 'Satay Mu' opening hours and have read some of your reviews, was thinking creating a blog like this with my cousin as we've been systematically trying all the Indian restaurants in Perth.

Anonymous said...

Its the best my boyfriend and i eat there alot as we live in maylands. Best curry in perth and the price is amazing :)