Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Australia Day

Today is Australia Day!!! My friends and I have prepared a whole heap of delicious food for our picnic at Burswood Park!!

There's Steak Salad, Cold Cut meat, Salmon with crackers, meatballs, tomato salsa with baguette, KFC, snacks & fruits!

There were A LOT of people and we were lucky to even find a parking spot! Found a spot far from the park but that's okay! We carry everything and walked all the way to the park, then found a good shady spot.

It was relaxing and fun picnic at the riverside. :D
of course, camwhoring is a must. Gwen took the courage to borrow the aussie balloon hand from the group of girls sitting next to us. haha

There's tons more but I think you get the idea hahaha heads and the balloon hand. I got like 30 photos of it. I better don't bored you with it. hehe

The fireworks started at 8pm, ends at 8.30pm. Super long fireworks but damn beautiful.
Too bad, we were kinda at the other side from the fireworks so I couldn't take a clear photo of the fireworks. But, from this view, I found something nice too.

Crowds. River. 2 Black Swans. Fireworks. Beauty.

After the fireworks, we camwhore again, but in a different way! I bought some sparklers and we did light painting!!

I *heart* OZ Day!

How did you celebrate your OZ day?

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