Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dinner @ Sense Lah, Malaga

Today must be my lucky day! Happy at work and had super nice food for my dinner!!
I had to blog about this restaurant because I couldn't find anyone that blog about it which I think it's weird!
I know it's probably out of the place, Malaga, but this restaurant is definitely a GEM!
I got to know about this place because of Joe's colleague who is also kind of a foodie. Without any hesitation, Joe and I went there tonight for dinner.

That place is call Sense Lah Malaysian Cuisine. Weird name isn't it? haha.. But pretty cool.
Owner is from Penang and he is super friendly to us! (After the dinner, we talked for quite abit haha.. he is a funny and nice guy)

Interior? Yea.. look really normal and nothing much to talk about.
Most important is the food right?

First up! Joe's favourite. Cendol. Joe LOVES it! The crushed ice was so finely shaved, it melts in your mouth! The taste is very good compare to other cendol around Perth.
Joe is cendol fan. So if he said the cendol is good and up to the standard, that means it is really good.

For Joe's dinner, he had Loh Mee. He heard from his colleague that Loh Mee is nice here, so he decided to give it a try. Joe's colleague were right! It was yum! Nice thick gravy with yellow noodle and bee hoon, egg and some other bits.

The best was the sambal that came with it. It's super authentic Lah~
Homemade Sambal! It's been a long time since I had that kind of sambal. Damn Shiok!

My dinner! ASAM LAKSA! My all time favourite!! So far, I haven't found good asam laksa that up to my standard in Perth until I tried this one!!! The flavour is all there! SOUR! HOT! Most importantly, the HEAT! (chilli) and lots and lots of sardine fish and pineapple. yummmm... I finished the whole bowl! Seriously, if you are after authentic asam laksa, look no further, this is the best asam laksa in Perth.

What's the next famous dish in Sense Lah? The ICE KACANG!
You know it's good when you see 3 guys (customers) sitting at the table and have ice kacang first. Slowly indulging the ice kacang and speak their hometown language to each other. Feel like home~~~ ^-^ another authentic flavour.

How can I not order Char Kuey Teow when I'm there? I had to order Take away so I can try it tmr lunch. heheheh.. I can't stuff anymore things in my stomach. TOO FULL. I had a try of the Char Kuey Teow, not bad at all! Kuey teow is cook just nice and texture was right. As for the taste, the Lap cheong (chinese sausage) might over power the whole dish. But I will try again tmr during lunch time. :D

I know it's abit far, but it's totally worth it! Cheap and authentic! Love it! Give it a try people if you like Malaysian food!

Sense Lah! Malaysian Cuisine
Lunch: 11am-2pm
Dinner 5.30pm-9pm
Closed on Tuesday & Monday nights

Unit 6/8, Exchange Road, Malaga
Facing Alexander Drive, entry via Caltex on Capital Road
Ph: 9248 8883


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Jo Serwey said...

heeheh u gotto wait til 23th! after i come back from my holiday~

Anonymous said...

The shop closes n changed name=(

Anonymous said...

The food isn't that nice....after changed

Jo Serwey said...

Hi! I heard that they are closing but didn't know it's for real...
So they have changed it and are they still serving Malaysian food?
I miss their Asam Laksa! :(