Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dinner @ Rockpool, Burswood

I was finally there yesterday night! (Yes, although I have hurt my back, I have taken pain killers to cure my pain, walk like a duck, sit like a robot. But I couldn't wait to go there since their opening day on Monday! So I had to go no matter what!)

What can I say? The experience was AMAZING. Very classy, Very Posh. Even the huge wooden door is sooooooo GRAND! When you open the big wooden door and look inside, you just feel like you are in the other world.

This is the pathway that you have to walk through to get to the dining area. There's nothing like this in Perth really. As you walked through, look at the glasses on your left and right, you might find something interesting. haha

You walked in, you will be greeted by the friendly wait staff. Then on your left will be a very impressive open kitchen! Neil Perry was working in there too at the pass calling service. He was really busy that night, I don't dare to ask him to come out to just have a photo taken with me! Joe told me not to disturb him while he is working, because he as a ex chef before knows that the worse thing is to work in the kitchen and still had to come out to entertain the guest. So, I had to walk away after dinner, looking at his signature ponytail, with sad and disappointed heart.

Why? because he promised me! :P He said See You Then.
He didn't see me at all! ahhaahha okay, thats enough :P

Anyway, the restaurant was huge! Every section will have a service table that caters only 7-8 tables. That is something that I have never experience before. Impressive. Service was excellent! The waitresses and waiter were absolutely friendly and makes us laugh and joke with us too.

Joe and Alan shared a bottle of red. Well, half bottle actually. I think it's pretty cute that they serve half bottle of red. Not many places do that.

We were served sourdough and butter to start with.

Then we had the freshly shucked oysters.
$3.50 each. It was heavenly fresh and delicious. I love it!

They were really detailed with the lemon too! They cover the lemon individually with the cloth to prevent seeds coming out from it. It's all these little things that makes the dining experience special.

I have taken photos of every dishes. But won't be able to comment on every dishes as it was my friend's dish. But I will tell you everything about mine :)


Live Vongole Clams Steamed with Serrano Ham, White Wine and Flageolet Beans $30
My friend C said it was absolutely fresh and flavour was well balanced. She loves it.

Blue Swimmer Crab, Nectarine and Hazelnut Salad $30

Four Raw Tastes of the Sea $29

Warm Salad of Wood Fire Grilled Quail with Smoked Tomato and Black Olive $29
J said it was a lil bit too sour. But he loves the Quail a lot.

Alaskan King Crab Cocktail $35
As for mine, the entree blew me away with the sourness, saltiness and sweetness that pops in my mouth. Fresh King Crab, crunchy lettuce. The flavour was well blend. Totally loving it.


Redgate Farm Partridge with Roasted Peach and aged Balsamic Vinegar $39
C said she loves it! Very juicy and tender!

David Blackmore’s Dry Aged Full Blood Wagyu. All Wagyu From 9+ Marble Score Animals.
Sirloin 200g 17 days $110
I had a bit of it. No joke, my eyes went like bigger hahahaha.. it melts in your mouth! Okay, who am I kidding, it's Wagyu. But honestly, just a bite, you can feel the nicely marbled meat fat just oozing out and Oh So Yummyyy.

Della Gola Prime Grass Fed
T-bone 450g 34 days $45

Cape Grim Dry Aged 36 Month Old Grass Fed
Fillet 250g $55
As good as the Sirloin but of course not as "fatty" as the sirloin. But it's still a good piece of meat! Very juicy and tender! My friend G was in loveeee with it.

David Hohnen's Jarrahdene Pork with Mustard Fruits and Balsamic Vinegar $35
The pork was excellent! I love the crackling and well cooked. Definitely generous serving. Accompanied by the candied fruits, yum.

Potato and Cabbage Gratin $9 / $11
Everybody loves this and of course is Oh So Fattening hahaha but it's really really a good side.

Charcoal Oven Roast Pumpkin and Sweet Potato with Burnt Butter and Garlic Yoghurt $12
I personally love this one more. Nicely roasted and the texture is creamy and goes so well with the garlic yoghurt.

Wood Fire Grilled Broccolini $18
I love Broccolini. But it was my first time trying it grilled. My friend say weird, I say cool!
It gives a lil of the charred taste, and crunchy. But isit worth $18? I don't know.

Green Tea
Absolutely love the tea pot and cup.

Very elegant and classy. Definitely have a good time washing it too :P

Caramelised pop corn.
Nice complimentary after the meal. Sweet and crunchy.

Chocolate Jaffa Mousse Cake $20

Hazelnut Macaroon and Banana Ice Cream Sandwich $12

Fresh Strawberry Tart with Balsamic vinegar Ice cream $20

Black Forest Trifle $20

The dessert was nicely presented. Nice and simple. The only concerned was I think it was a bit too sweet. First thing that comes into my mind was "Oh Sweet"!
My favourite is the Balsamic vinegar Ice cream strawberry tart. I have never tried Balsamic Vinegar Ice cream before, and this is a nice one. Salute to the dessert master in Rockpool.

Overall, I love the ambience, love the friendly service, and definitely love the food too! What I would like to try next is the bar menu. They serve burgers too! Not just any random burgers.. but it's WAGYU burger.. :D

Definitely going back there!!

Opens lunch and dinner 7 days a week.
(08) 6252 1900

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Orpheus said...

I dropped in for my "big spend of the month" meal last week and it was fantastic. Possibly better than Rockpool Melbourne. (I'll get around to uploading the post one day).

Oh and I agree on the Balsamic Ice cream. Fantastic.