Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cuddle Animal Farm

I had a wonderful wonderful last day of my holiday yesterday at the Swan Valley.
Swan Valley is just about 20 minutes drive from my place. It's a nice short getaway from the city life and enjoy the life of nature. Good chance for me to snap some scenery too!

Joe and I went with the other 2 couples. Booked a place for Brunch at Penny Garden and I had the most delicious Mango Prawn Salad! I love mangos and I like prawns. This dish is perfect for summer time! Don't be fooled by this plate of salad, it's actually quite filling. The flavor is balance, not too sweet for the mango puree and the right amount.

After brunch, we drove around to see what's around to see. haha.. We didn't plan anything though, just a spontaneous trip.

We stopped by to see the Alpacas near the winery. Look at how big a bunch of grapes!! Woah.. insane. Felt like squeezing them all!

Then we walked pass this giant tree house!
Can I have a tree house next time?? I wanna play Barbie in it :P

After that, I found this place randomly on my iphone while searching where to go.
Cuddly Animal Farm!!! Woah! Cuddle, I like! Animal, I like! Farm, I like it too!!

I kinda brainwashing them by saying "Let's go Cuddly farm!! Cuddly Farm!! See cute cute animals!!! Cuddly!! Yay Cuddly!!"

10 bucks to go in and it's totally worth it! Because you get to see and pet the rabbits, ducklings, chicks, guinea pigs, pigs, sheeps, goats, turkey, horse, deer, llama, alpaca, and so many more!!!

I was in my zone in there. Forcing Joe to use my SLR to take photos of me and the animals then grab it back and continue taking the photos of the animals.

The animals there are so tame and cute. They just wanna eat! People there will prepare a bucket of food consist of bread and cabbage for us to feed them.

The cool looking Llama.

The handsome looking Llama.

2 cute donkeys

Tame and friendly horse.

3 hungry pigs

a bunch of mother feeding goats...

Other than seeing the animals, before we left, some of us hopped on the lil train for taking photos. Then the lady came to us and asked us if we want a ride! Well of course! We all hopped on and there we go! Sitting on the lil train like thingy, go around the farm and end our day with sweat and a BIG smile on our face.

I miss the animals..

Cuddly Animal Farm do kids parties too! Visit their website for more info.
They need volunteers too if you have some spare time!

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