Sunday, January 2, 2011

Brunch @ Salt on the Beach, North Fremantle

Joe brought me to this pretty cool place at North Fremantle. It's call Salt on the Beach.
I love cafes or restaurants near the beach because it gives you a luxury feel while you are having your meal or enjoying your drinks.

The restaurant look pretty good. It is separated into two part, one is the kiosk for casual dining and the restaurant for fine dining. At the kiosk, you will have to order it from the counter with the table number. The ordering process was quite slow that day as not enough staff at the counter I think. It was still a public holiday though.

I had lemon lime bitters and Joe had the ale.

For Joe's meal, he had the Steak Sandwich with Beer battered chips.
He said the Steak burger is quite good.
Took a photo of the burger, looks good to me :)

I had the Fish and Beer Battered Chips.
The Fish was only ok-ok. The other layer of the fish was quite soggy..was expecting a crispy layer of fried batter. Love the chips though.. crispy and soft! Totally love it.

Another down part, my aioli was split. Not sure why they even dare to serve this after an episode of Masterchef teaching us how to make good aioli. Once the aioli is split, is not good. So, wasn't impressed by this. For the price that I paid for the Fish and chips $26.. I don't wish to see this served.

Salt on the Beach
42 Port Beach Rd
North Fremantle, 6159

9430 6866

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Jers said...

freo and steak sandwich? perfect way to spend the weekend :) ps. wii dance sounds great (would improve my non-existent body coordination) - would add that to the list!