Friday, December 24, 2010

My first Ever Roast Turkey

Happy Christmas Everyone!! How was your Christmas Eve? Had lots of food and spending quality time with family and friends maybe?

As for me, I had a wonderful time with my Dear Turkey.

"I will cook you tonight Turkey!"

" Woah! Where did you get that knife from??!"
"Turkey: I will KIIILLL you!"

"Do whatever you want, I'm gonna cook you tonight!"
"Turkey: Damn."

Yeap! It was my first time roasting a Turkey! If you know me well, I'm never an excellent cook. So, I was really nervous about cooking this bird. I spent 58 bucks for this bird, if I screw it up, that's it. No dinner.

I spent the whole day preparing it. Chopped up the ingredients, making the stuffing, and pray hard that this bird comes out tender and juicy.

I got the recipe from Jamie Oliver's site. The Christmas Roast Turkey Recipe. I can guarantee you, this recipe is awesome! My turkey really came out tender and juicy! Very tasty too! I was impressed! Gowd! I never thought that I can make such nice turkey and I made my own stuffing! Best stuffing ever! Do try it!

Everyone at home loves the bird. I was really happy! We finished the whole 4kg bird! Unbelievable. Well, Karzan munch some too. hehe

Other than then having the Turkey, I have made the Crunchy Cucumber salad with Grilled King Prawns for entree. A light starter.

and some Parmesan Bread Crumbs Long Beans for sides. I like this simple and beautiful looking beans. The recipe is from Coles Christmas Edition Magazine.

For dessert, I made Pineapple Tart Tartan drizzled with caramel sauce.
It was under my expectation because the pineapple didn't cooked well enough as I didn't used the fresh pineapple. But it tasted nice and sweet.

I'm really pleased with my cooking today! Of course Joe helped me a lot too! I don't think I can handle it all by myself! I would have running around and panic like a fool if I'm making everything alone. hahahaha.

So, what did you guys have on your Christmas Eve??


fiery said...


i asso wan!

Jo Serwey said...

okok make for u in 365 days :D

ching∞ said...

Reactions and comments after reading your blog:

Papa held the iPad and kept reading your blog...
Mommy "she looked like a sipe poh.. Hahaha"
Me: "how long it took you to tie tat flower on your hair?"

I dun care.. You are cooking us a full meal when you are back.. Leen, I'll make sure you're invited ;)

fiery said...

haha sure boh? cuz next yr will be the frist christmas i will spend in aust!!! T_T

and LOL i thought the same thing about the flower on ur hair bahahaha *high 5 chin* great minds think alike ;)

oh and and what is that random body cream or whatever with the lady on the bottle from france u wanted me to buy?? still want anot? im going to france next weeekkk

Jo Serwey said...

ahhaha yea.. turkey next year :P

the flower is a hair tie la.. -_-" bought from malaysia sommore..

what cream? isit me or my sis u are talkin to? hahaha i think.. it's the perfume factory isit?

fiery said...

bahaha i know i got see before. but it look so picture perfect damn fake. hahahaha

ur sis i think... but i think u were there too when we were having this conversation...... not sure.

you want anything from france anot?

ching∞ said...

well it was so nicely sat on your hair.. so we were wondering how long it look you to put it up THERE :p

Annick Goutal.. damn farking expensive here.. like RM300 per bottle of lotion.
wahlao.. i lost track of how many countries you've visited! im so jealous!! aarrggghhh!

Jo Serwey said...

girls. .hahaha it's just a bun and a flower scrunchy.. easily done, u want me to show u guys or not!? :P ahahaha maybe u need my help on fixing up ur hair eh!

yea.. buy something for me.. i duno what do they have in france but something awesome la k! NO TEDDY BEAR! I got enuff of that :P Thanks!!!