Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I met up with a stranger today :P
A girl that I randomly smsed and randomly met up for a cup of coffee.

Her name is Momo. She is here in Perth for 3 months and she wants to practice her English and meet more friends :) How I actually know her? Well, one day I was at a random shop, walking around and saw a paper on the notice board with cartoon characters and scribbles on it. I find it interesting so I walked closer to have a look. Then I found out that it's about a Japanese girl who wants to practice her English language and know more about Australia. ( I know my English language is poor and knowledge.. yea.. better don't talk about it :P )

Anyway, I thought "Hey! Why not!? It will be fun to meet a new friend!" So, I got her contact number from the paper and smsed her. I think this is the most random-est thing I have ever done in my life for the fact that I am an introvert.

But it was a great experience for me! I have learnt quite a bit from her. One of the most important thing is I should take every opportunity in my life before regret it one day. Just like the Nike slogan : JUST DO ITTTT! She came alone to Perth, travel alone, meet friends along the way, and learning new language at the same time. I don't know how she do it, but I gotto salute her. She is one tiny girl with loads of courage, while I'm a big round girl who is timid like ... not even a mouse.

We talked non stop for 3 hours! The time just flew so quick!
I know she is a oil painter and a really quick illustrator too! She got some wicked stuff on her notebooks! For example this one above. I love her style, it's a bit of emo and cute at the same time.

This is a drawing of me (Well, 3 of me) in 10 minutes! I look thinner and much cuter in drawings ahhahahaa.. Thanks Momo!
I love it! Hope to see you again before you leave!

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