Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mark's Cocktail Birthday Celebration

This is the last Themed Birthday Party for the year 2010!
Cocktail Party! XD

Recently, our friend Mark has been a cocktail drinker and in love with it. So he requested to have a cocktail party for his birthday. and his birthday gift, is the Cocktail set + alcohol + alcohol and alcohol.

Joe has been busy organizing and getting all the stuff ready for the party because he knows all these alcohol better than I do! He had done all the readings and researching for the cocktails to make a Cocktails and shots menu by himself!

There's like 30+ cocktails and 20+ shots in the menu. Impressive! With pictures as well!

Salute to him because he flip through 2 super thick books just to pick out the drinks that we can make using the alcohol that we bought.

We got Mark the Basic Cocktail Equipment Set from the website call Barware. They got a wide range of stuff from reasonable price to really freaking expensive stuff! But it's cool to see what's in there, plus it's convenient for us to order it all in one go.
We got quite a few things from there, like the Cute Flamingo and tropical fruit straws, Bar tools,
Ice crushers and bar tray. It's great!

We made some cocktail food to go with the Cocktail themed party. Lucheon meat with pineapple and cucumber :P Actually I was suppose to be using the cocktail sausages to make this, unfortunately, sausages burst open and looked really horrible! So we decided to give the burst sausages to Karzan and replace it with Ma Ling Lucheon meat instead. Taste quite good ahahah!

We made some yummy cocktails yesterday! It tasted really nice! Joe even accidentally created a cocktail by himself too and I am in love with it! I wonder if I can have it again later on :P

This is Mocktail for the girls for can't take any alcohol.

I think Cocktail is the best drinking party ever if you got a good bartender (Joe)! Well, basically he will be the slave for making the drinks for us as long as he doesn't get drunk! Or else.. you will get something really really UNFORGETABLE. :P

I think those guys were having fun creating their own shots by pouring and mixing the strongest tasting alcohol into the shot when they are drunk. They even gave it a name! No, actually a few names! Starting with Black Angel (the scariest and worst tasting shot ever hahaha) then Squid Angel and all sorts weird names go on and on..! I was just there, looking at them pouring shits into the glass and laughing all the way... guys.. -_-" hahaha

Yesterday night was the night that I drank the most types of alcohol! I had at least 4 shots and 2 cocktails. I didn't have really strong drink though, but it definitely gave me a good deep sleep! :P
I had so much fun drinking and photographing the party! I love it!

Happy Birthday to you Mark! Hope you have a wonderful 27th the whole year round!

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