Saturday, December 4, 2010

Kurt Wenner in Perth

Yes, you see it right! Kurt Wenner was here in Perth painting at Belmont Forum! I was so excited to see him in person! See his beautiful artwork! It was amazing..

Who is Kurt Wenner? He is the one who did this!


and this!!!

Now you know who is he? He is famous with his street painting that looks so real it's scary!
Anyway, he was here in Belmont Forum and paint for 5 days. I only managed to go there on the last day because I have totally forgotten that he was there this week. (If you are interested, you can still see this amazing painting in Belmont Forum Near IGA Progressive. until the 8th January 2011.)

I was amazed by his patient and the detailness in the drawings. I just wanna stand there and stare at it for hours! (or bring it home.. :P even better)

But yea, look through the glass to get a better 3D image of it.

That is how it looks like through the glass.
But honestly, even without it looks really good.

I'm honoured to have a photo taken with him and managed to drag him down to my height :P
He is such a nice guy! hahaha doesn't mind being short together with me :P

Hello~ :D

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