Friday, December 17, 2010

Feeling moody

Something is wrong with me recently. I've been feeling really lazy, feeling unmotivated and my mood just swinging like a rollercoster. Well, not in a bad way though.
Hey, I'm not PMS-ing ok! I think it's the weather! Must be! :P Ahhh.. I don't know..

The symptoms that I have it's crazy even myself couldn't understand why.

1. I'm getting picky on food! If the food is no good, I will be moody. Really MOODY.

2. I feel bored really easily! I don't feel like fbing or surfing net. I don't even feel like clicking the mouse!

3. I can just sit at the corner of my bed against the wall, stare at nothing and rot for a long time when I'm trying to make myself sleepy in the middle of the night.

4. I'm always energetic when I'm at work. Looking for things to do everytime! But these few weeks, I've been staring at the blank screen for at least 1 minute and realised I should really click on something just in case my workmate thought that I'm insane. I blame the hot sunny weather and cold ass air cond blowing at me.

5. Weird thing is I don't wanna go shopping even! But I figured out why already, because I'm broke.

6. Whenever I wanted to blog, I got lazy nothing to blog about because I've been so dead in these few days! This is serious shit!

There's more random shits but I thought I shall not bore you with it.
Must be something missing in my life that made me feel this way. I actually felt empty.
I guess I'm just a human anyway. Been really busy for a long time and now my body and soul is slowly turning my energy level down by -70. The rest of the energy is reserve for tonight's big feast at Alpine, Mark's Cocktail Party tomorrow and CHRISTMASSSSS!!!!

Seriously, I can't wait for Christmas! I just wanna open all the presents now and eat eat eat! HAMMMMM!!!! MEAT!!!!! Gosh.. I'm carnivore. Shoot me.

Next year will be a good year for me. I can feel it. Come on 2011!!!! Bring in on!

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