Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dinner @ Tsunami, Mosman Park

Tsunami is a beautiful Japanese restaurant situated in Mosman Park.
It's a nice restaurant to go to have a nice dinner or special occasions.
They do weddings, functions and they do gift vouchers too.

From where I seated, I can see they have won quite a few awards. Not sure what it is though, didn't manage to walk up and look at it :P

Service was just so-so. Waitresses were polite, but no smile in their faces. Forgot my serviettes and drinks for the table.

I went there with Joe's family yesterday, ordered quite a few dishes. But I didn't try every dishes that shown here in this post because I can't even finish mine. You will know why when u see it.

Frances had the Tropical Paradise (Lychee based non alcoholic cocktail).
I had the Sencha Aote. I kind of Japanese Tea.

For entrees we had..

Popcorn Shrimp
Prawns in crispy batter with aioli and shichimi salt.
Pretty normal dish but presented in a different way.

flying fish roe & Quail egg
Frances' entree, she said it's really nice. Especially with the quail egg on top.

Enoki Gyu
Fresh Narrogin enoki mushrooms wrapped in Wagyu beef with lotus roots.
This is quite a nice dish to start with. I love the presentation, really sophisticated. Beef nice and tender and to go with the crunchy enoki mushrooms, perfect.

For mains, Joe's family had...

Takara Roll
Soft Shell crab, crab leg, black and orange tobiko, spicy mayo, avocado.

Salmon inside out Roll
Seared salmon outside, avocado inside.

and Unagi Ishiyaki
Whole marinated eel with kabayaki sauce.

I had the Hitori Sukiyaki
Finely sliced Mayura Station Wagyu beef, fresh vegetables, vermicelli & udon noodles & tofu in a nabe with sukiyaki sauce with rice.
It's a huge dish! (Do not touch the hotpot, it's hot!) Definitely delicious! To me, this is such a healthy dish. No oil and well balance of everything too! I finished the whole thing. >_<

I think, Tsunami is a nice place to go. Maybe for some of you might think it's a bit pricey, but for the portions and quality of food, I think it's good.

18 Glyde St

Mosman Park, 6012

9284 7788

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Stella said...

Looks delish!! I'll have to visit when I go back.

Jo Serwey said...

NY has better food perhaps :D Nice meeting u Stella!