Monday, December 6, 2010

Dinner @ The Silver Spoon, Victoria Park

Joe and I went to The Silver Spoon a couple of nights ago at around 7pm. It's a fine dining restaurant situated in Vic Park along with car yards, a 24 hrs convenient store and 24 hrs Pizza shop. It's quite an odd place to be, but definitely good to have a fine dining restaurant in that suburb.

Nice and friendly staff and I love the ambience. Simple, nice and comfortable.

Firstly, we were served amuse bouche on the house. It was some kind of creamy and spicy pumpkin soup.

Nice and creamy with a lil texture to it. It's tasty and warm.. a good start.

Next we had our entree.
I had the Seared Scallops, dashi broth, salmon, cucumber, daikon, salmon roe and shiso.
I love this dish so much! It's refreshing and I love the tangy cucumber and daikon. Perfectly cooked scallops. Absolutely a winner. To me, it's the right amount of meat and vege to start with.

Joe had the Carpaccio of White rocks veal, buffalo mozzarella, tomato, lemon and horseradish.
Nicely presented and looked really appetizing. I thought it was nice, but Joe thinks that it will be better if it has more tang in it.

For sides, we had Peach, walnut and mixed leaf salad and Roast Duck Fat Potatoes.

I quite like the salad! It's really summery~ except I cant find any walnut in my salad. :(
As for the Roast Duck Fat Potatoes, I wasn't please with it because it was dry, not crispy and it's not tasty. We were quite dissapointed.

For mains,
Joe had the Beef two ways - Roast fillet, braised cheek, parsnip, spinach & baby carrots.
I had a bite of it and it was tough and a lil rough. But flavor was good.

I had the Roast pork loin, sweet potato, savoy cabbage and sage buerre noisette.
The highlight of this dish surprisingly is not the pork, but it's the cabbage. I am absolutely in love with the cabbage. It was nicely done, flavour is beautiful. Down side was the pork loin. I was hoping to see a crispy skin pork and the meat was a bit rough. Lucky to have the cabbage, it's definitely perfect combo for the cabbage and pork together. Love it.

Overall, we were impressed by the menu and presentation but not the texture of the meat and flavor.

The Silver Spoon
691 Albany Highway
Perth WA 6101, Australia
(08) 9361 4220

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