Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dinner @ Monte Fiore, Mount Lawley

Felt it was a long time since I last blog about food reviews! I've been blog lagged in this Christmas period and went really really lazy! Probably I was too busy with my 1 week holiday~ hahahaha eating eating eating and occasionally window shopping :P
Okay I lied. I bought a mini camera awesome bag. Happy? :P

Two nights ago, Joe and I went for a long walk along Beaufort Street to look for a restaurant to dine in. Because it's a super long holiday for Christmas and New Year, a lot of restaurants won't be open til January. Most of the restaurants was fully booked. But lucky for us, we found an Italian restaurant called Monte Fiore that still have 3-4 more table available.

Managed to grab a table right at the corner and had a full view of the restaurant. I hate sitting in the middle of the restaurant. Don't ask me why.

Joe tried the Italian Cola - San Benedetto. It's pretty cool. I had a sip, to me it taste like the chinese sour plum soak in cola. haha.

For my dinner that night, I had the Moroccan Lamb Salad.
Tender strips of lamb fillet in chefs secret marinade, char grilled, served with crispy mixed greens, roast capsicum & cashew nuts dressed with minted yoghurt.

I like my salad! The lamb was marinated and cooked nicely and tender. It's a great light dish! I can have this everyday!

Joe had the Chilli Mussels
Farm fresh mussels steamed in white wine, garlic & fresh herbs. Finished with Napolitana sauce & a hint of chilli.

I've tried a couple of the Chilli Mussels too. Taste gorgeous. I love the thick tomato-ey sauce!
It would be better if the sauce is spicy though and probably serve with 2 slices of Garlic bread. hehehehe..

Overall, Monte Fiore is a nice casual restaurant to go to, service was friendly and the food that we had that night was quite nice. Maybe the only thing was we waited quite a bit for our food to come.

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