Sunday, December 5, 2010

Creme Brulee and Chrismas Tree

I think I have been out almost everyday for a few months and I don't know when was the last time I bake/ in the kitchen cooking.

These couple of months, I have been occupied with my book, my charity cards, photography and festivals. I realised I have been neglecting my favourite hobby-baking. I think everybody should know by now I owned a lot of Masterchef cook books and magazines, maybe some of you might think that, since I am so into Masterchef, I should be able to cook some good food! Yea.. the answer is no. :P I'm not a good cook, AT ALL. But I love looking and keeping a good cook book. Probably because of my mom, she got like thousands of cookbooks and I love looking at them! Cuz the food looks so good in the book.

Today is my "off day"! A day that I don't go out, eat at home, relaxing and a day for me to BAKE!
I think you should know what I'm making by now after looking at the photo above. A torch and some ramekins..

You are right, I made Creme Brulee. :D
It was my first attempt and I think it taste quite good! Well, of course it's not perfect. To me, I think it's over cooked, and the layer of sugar crust didn't come out right. But I enjoyed the process of making it! I love playing with the torch! It's so cool!

I think I will try it again some day... or I probably make Lemon Curd Cupcake topped with Meringue... then torch it! :P I got the torch set for just $20+ from Thingz! It's a good deal & I love it!

Besides making the Creme Brulee, Joe, Frances and I decorated the house too!

Playing the Christmas songs while decorating the Christmas Tree~ I love Christmas songs~ Don't you think the songs are so happy, so classy and so relaxing? (Not like Chinese New Year songs where they go "TUK TUK TUK CHIANG!")

I even made Karzan wear the baby Santa bib. He was not excited at all :P hahaha

Have you started your Christmas shopping and Christmas decorating yet? :)


Anonymous said...

Hi, I came across your blog while I was googling for Melacca. I'm travelling to Malaysia next year and was wondering how would U travel from Penang to Melacca? By bus? Do U know the duration and price? Thank U =]

Jo Serwey said...

Check out this page. It might give you an idea.
Penang > Malacca.

Sorry, I can only give you the info from the website as I have never taken the bus from Penang to Malacca before.

But according to the site, Penang to Malacca Sentral is about 8 hours and RM46 daily.

Goodluck and have fun!