Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Crazy Adventure

Nuffnang had a competition to win a Kodak Playsport! That is one awesome camera! Who wouldn't want it?!

To win, all I need to do is dream up a photo and write my own blog post of what crazy adventure I’d go on if I had a Kodak PlaySport – the catch is.. the photo must be taken at home.

Without wasting any time, I made Joe to go through the journey of winning this with me. We put on our thinking cap, thinking what crazy adventure we should go to since we have never done anything crazy before, and how to show our crazy adventure at home with crazy approach!

I thought of Light painting! By using a camera and a mini torch light.

Joe and I were figuring out how to make light painting associate with the adventure! We would love to go scuba diving together and take lots of photos and videos together under the sea! It will be awesome and beautiful!

It was our first time trying on light painting and we definitely loving it. We have tried on many different ways to show our adventure but it didn't turn out right in the beginning. For example, for the first few shots were the Sun, Sea, Sail and Big Palm Tree!!

It turns out quite nice but I wanna be in it too!
We have even tried drawing Stickman on surfing board!!

This one fail big time. Look like Jesus -_-"

Because I want to be in the photo with photo lighting, we have tried all kinds of ways to make it work. One of it is I was laying on the chair pretending to be surfing and thought of paint the surf board with light - epic fail.
I look like a flatten turtle at the end. -_-"

After a few experiment later, we have finally succeeded the light painting shoot that tells a story.
Which is this one below :)
We were both wearing the fake scuba diving gear! Our adventure!

These photos were taken at home in front of the folded ping pong table, shoot with long shutter speed and a mini torchlight.


ching∞ said...

you two are so darn cuteeee!! hahahahahahaha! I hope you win!

if yes.. can i have the g9 :p:p:p

Jo Serwey said...

hahaha u got no chance on getting G9 :P