Monday, December 27, 2010

Boxing Day House Party

Boxing Day House Party is a tradition for Joe's family. Joe's family will cooked a lot of food and invite friends to come to the party. This year, Joe was the chef for the party. He prepares the food, make sure everything is sorted and plans everything.

and me? The party helper :P
Did some cleaning, chopping and beautifying the house!

I beautify Franky's nails too with COLOURS! I think he loves it. hehehee

Joe prepared 7 dishes, Alan 2 dishes, I made 1 and Frances made a huge Christmas ham for the party. We got Tomyam huge fish, Beef Kailan, steamed tofu, Devils Curry, Beef Stew, Roast Pork-Joe's style, Pork ribs, Steamed King prawns, Kung po chicken, Chicken Wings, Cold Sliced Beef with jelly fish and ham.

I think we got about 19 people came to the Christmas party and everybody loves the food!
Our whole day of preparing didn't go to waste haha!

After our dinner and rest, we had our secret santa session!
Everbody got their presents and tear the wrapping paper apart! I love that feeling hahahaah

Then after that I gave the girls my tiny gifts for them. Which I got it from the Think Geek website. That is one cool website where I got these Pacman Candy set from!

Isn't it cute?

I have to admit it was a hell to clean up everything after the party but I enjoyed it a lot. I sees lots of laughters, I see lots of presents, food and of course.. I get to use my new lens in the party! I think everybody is kinda used to my snappin behaviour. They don't hide from me anymore hahaahah... instead, they posed! I love it!

Thank you for all the lovely gifts! I love them!!


ching∞ said...

i realized everybody wore their shoes inside the house... :|

Jo Serwey said...

It's normal here in aust.