Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Xiao Long Bao

One day, my sister asked me to create a character for her. Since it's a bun family (I'm Mantou & Joe is Char Siu Bao), so my sister wants to be Xiao Long Bao.
Xiao long bao are often referred to as Soup Dumpling in english. It's a popular dish in Dim Sum, and it's pretty difficult to make. I used to buy the frozen packet of Xiao Long Bao and have it at home for breakfast on Sunday morning with a pot of chinese tea~ I love to bite it at the side of the dumpling, suck all the soup out from it then dip it in ginger with vinegar sauce and eat the whole thing in one go! yum~

Anyway, I have finally created her for my sister and here she is!

Let me introduced to you~
Miss Xiao Long Bao~

As you know Miss Mantou will always be Miss Mantou.. She's always loves to give people surprises..

A poke on Xiao Long Bao's butt and the soup flow out!
Ops! Shame shame! :P

Hope you like it Je! hehehehe


jasonho said...


ching∞ said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!! I laughed so hard I teared!!!!!!! I think in terms of size.. you have to draw me SMALLER next to you.. mommy said me no look any different from you.. I forgot to tell her we are sisters therefore we look alike! hehehehehehehe!

JASON HO! YOU LAUGH! I ask WeyWey to make you TAU SAR BAO you baru tau!! black black fillinnnnngsss! :p

Jo Serwey said...

im way behind u and hiding maaaa.. thats why im smaller.

yes, i purposely did it similar hahaha colours at least :P

Joe said why so disgusting hahah i said I purposely one!

eh so u bought my book ah? I was thinking of printing my books in KL.

ching∞ said...

harlo.. you said NOT to buy until you see the quality first maaahhh.. i'll ask koko to order ok?

let me take a look at the book first then I'll explore what's the best way to print the book here. There are limited print options here if you are talking real small quantity.

Jo Serwey said...

Yeap! I finally got all 3 types of books. Soft cover, hard cover n dust jacket hard cover! I find soft cover is the best! Hahaha I will blog about it soon!