Monday, November 8, 2010

Swan Festival of Lights - Deepavali in Perth

Last Saturday, I went to Swan Festival of Lights in City to celebrate Deepavali. Well, maybe eating :P
Wanted to go there last Thursday night but the sky was a moody child that day, windy and cloudy.

I was a bit regret for going there at 5pm because it was too early, the stalls weren't ready to sell food, no performances and didn't have a chance to wait for the fireworks too because the fireworks will start at 9pm :(

It was quite cold and windy that day with sunshine. Waited for the people to get ready for their food to sell. I was pretty hungry by then.

I had the plain dosai, Marsala dosai, roti canai with vegetable curry, some other kind of bread and some rice. Yes, full of Carb >_<

Thats what happen when you go there with an empty stomach.

After that, my friend Gwen went to have her Henna done. The lady that done the henna for her was really fast and professional. She can come up with any design real fast and paint it with a firm hand. Impressive.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to enjoy the performances and fireworks because it was cold. I hope I can go there again next year to experience it thoroughly.

I love Festivals. :D

There's more Festival coming soon! Like the Vic Park Christmas Festival, Claremont Festival, Beaufort Street Festival, Subi and Perth Upmarket and much more! Can't wait for those to come!
If you are interested, just check out the right hand side of my page that I have list it out for everyone. Hope to see u there!

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