Sunday, November 28, 2010

Perth Upmarket November 2010, UWA

This is probably my third time to Perth Upmarket and I'm still enjoying going there!
My first Upmarket experience was at Perth Town Hall in 2009, and the second time was at the UWA Winthrop Hall during June 2010.

I got there nice and early today before everybody rush in so that I can capture some nice photos and do some Christmas shopping :P

I love everything handmade. It's just feel original and unique. Perth Upmarket is the best place to go if you want something different, something handmade and creative as a gift or for yourself.

You can get something cute...
Some creative drawings for your room walls...

Something to accessorize..

and learn knitting from this lady, so that you can knit something for me! :P

While I was there, I found some new stalls appeared in the Upmarket and I love their stuff!
These are some of my favourites!

One Sunday Morning

The Rainy Cloud catches my attention! It's so so cute, don't you think?
and the Birds!!! They are just adorable on the branch!!!

Lorgie & me

Lorgie & me sell Journals, Albums and notebooks. The quality of the book is really long lasting and these are the books that can keep forever and ever.

Dark Nouveau

Dark Nouveau is probably the most different in terms of style and design in the whole Upmarket. They got gorgeous range of stuff from cuff links to time piece! Check it out here!

Ragged Spendour

I was in love with the lil Casper-like doll! (bottom left pic)
Seriously, it's too cute!

Lastly, before I left Perth Upmarket, I had to get something for my mouth!
I bought a packet of biscuit for myself from the Pink Parlour! Yum! ^-^

If you missed this Perth Upmarket, make sure you go to the Subiaco Upmarket on the 2nd Dec 5pm-9pm.

It's gonna be loads of fun! :)


Anonymous said...

Damn...3 n half yrs there and I've never been to one of these markets!


Jo Serwey said...

ahahah I told u to go that time with me u dun wannnnnnnnnnnn :P

Unknown said...

So interesting eh......Malaysia also have... U must go too.....Hehehe..

Jo Serwey said...

yea i know Eva! Unfortunately i always go back in the wrong timing :( But I'm sure is as good as the ones here!