Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mantou Book is ready!

Remember I blog about One of my dreams few months ago? It's about if I have the chance to publish a book of my own, what will it be? It's a challenge that organized by Nuffnang and Blurb!

I wrote a post about what book that I wanted to publish if I ever get the chance, then one day while I was flipping through my twitter, I saw my blog name appeared in @Nuffnang! I thought, that was weird! Why do I see my blog address in @Nuffnang? After finding out what it was, I jumped with joy~ went and told everybody in the house and rang Joe! ( I was in KL that time)

I'm one of the 3 lucky winners! YAY YAY YAY!

Straight after that, my mind was just full of design design design! Concept concept concept! Arrghhh! It was not easy to come up a good idea for the book! I'm kind of a perfectionist, (well, maybe 70%) I have changed my stories, designs and stuff like that for a few times! Asking for opinions and spell check everything. It's a worrying job! It's my first book, I want it to be nice and cute!

After weeks of working hard on the book, I have finally got my first ever book PRINTED! YAY!

Mantou book!
The title is - Mantou, A Bun who is searching for her "fillings"
This book is about Mantou (a plain Steamed Bun) who is constantly looking for her real "filling". I have illustrated more than 40 different expressions of her when she's going through her searching journey. How did she find her feeling at the end? You will have to find out yourself. :P

I have printed them in 3 different kinds of cover. Soft cover, Hard cover and Dust Jacket Hard cover. I personally like the Soft cover because it is easy to flip and read. While the Dust Jacket is quite inconvenient because the jacket keep coming off. As for the Hard cover, it's just too pricey although it's the best to keep for long term.

If you are interested my Mantou book, you can go to here to purchase.
If you can't go to the link, you can type in then in the search tab, key in MANTOU. My 3 books will appear on the website. Click on which cover you prefer, preview 18 pages of them and if you like it, you can click order. It's quite easy.

The price of the books are $25 Soft Cover, $44.95 Hard Cover, $34.95 Dust Jacket.
You will need to register and sign in to be able to buy it.

I'm very happy with my first ever book! I know it's probably not the best design, best story or best drawing, but I'm quite proud of myself because I have publish a book with my hard work and now is on sale on the Blurb webiste! A pat for myself on my shoulder. :)

Anyway, thank you to my friends and family for supporting me. I'm really grateful to have YOU in my life :D


ching∞ said...

*throwing you rose petals and confetti*


This brings JOY to the family! We're so proud of you!!

jzilee tan said...

ask my brother buy for me and my sister :) and ask him to pay.

Jo Serwey said...

ahahaha u sure ah?