Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lunch @ Tan Po Po, Mount Lawley

I went to have a stroll at the Beaufort Street festival yesterday and it was soooo hot! I had to stop by somewhere to rest my skin and cure my hunger. That was at Tan Po Po.

I've been wanting to try this place out since a year ago, just didn't have the chance until I walked passed the shop that they moved in across the road from Dome.

It was the Beaufort St Festival on that day, I think because of the crowd, the shop was in a mess. Empty plates, bowls, drinks and trays were everywhere on the tables and chairs. It was so busy they just didn't have the time to clean up the place. It was a bit unpleasant, but what can we/they do? I can see they have tried their best to clear it. Poor them.

Anyway, I ordered Chicken Teriyaki from the lunch menu for only $5.90. It was cheap!
Massive bowl of rice and nicely fried chickens. Not much of the teriyaki sauce given, so I felt like I was eating Rice with Karaage instead. haha.. that's okay.. I can't be bothered to ask them. I like the side salad too. For small eater (well, on that day at least) like me and on a hot summer day, I think this is just right. I didn't finish the rice though..

I had some Tuna Sushi too, just to try. It was good. Nice fresh cut of Tuna with the nicely vinegar-ed sushi rice. Yum.. It's quite surprising to see the tuna slices got some bits of wasabi on it. Never seen it before though.

Overall, Tan Po Po is an affordable and quite reasonable quality Japanese food on Beaufort Street.

Tan Po Po Takeaway & Dine In
Mon-Sat Lunch 11.30-5pm
Dinner 6pm-9.30pm
Ph 9328 8313

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