Monday, November 15, 2010

Lunch @ Missy Moos Burger Bar, South Freo

Kylie and I went to Missy Moos Burger Bar in the weekend for lunch. 2 hungry girls just wanna stuff ourselves with burgers & chips!

Heard some good reviews about Missy Moos and decided to try it, since I'm at Freo.
We got there about 1.30ish, it wasn't packed surprisingly. inside was empty but 2 tables outside were occupied.

It looked really cute inside. Menu was written with chalk on the walls and those old looking paper board games on the walls too! A bit of a retro twist there :)

After ordering, we got our order number, oh erm.. toy. Yeaps, this plane is for the waitresses to know which table order what. Something different there hehe.

For drinks, I tried both Bickford's Kola and Creamy Soda. It wasn't my favourite because it tasted a lil bit like cough medicine. I hate cough medicine, so I gave them to Kylie instead :P

Kylie's Jack and Jill
Premium WA lean beef pattie, crispy bacon, avocado, tomato, warmed caramilised onion, baby spinach and aioli.

My Humpty Dumpty
Premium WA lean beef pattie, tasty cheddar, free-range egg, grilled pineapple, beetroot, baby spinach, aiolo and margaret liver tomato relish.
My burger was a yummo. Delicious beef pattie, yolks oozing out.. fresh veges and a hint of tropical! Great burger for summer days!

Chunky Chips with Aioli dips

While we were having our big burgers, people started to walked in to have their lunches. It was around 2.15pm, the places started to packed. We were happy with the burgers and chips! The only downside was we were soooooo full after that. I should have order a eeny meenie miny moo kid's burger for a SMALL eater like me :P

A great place to have gourmet burger.

Missy Moos Burger Bar
400 South Terrace, South Fremantle
Ph: 9433 3322

Closed: Mon & Tues
Wed & Thurs : 5-9pm
Fri-Sun : 12-9pm

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