Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lunch @ Kai Japanese Dining & Take Away, Bullcreek

Today, I met up with Aunt Tina, Aunt Julie and WC for lunch at Kai in Bullcreek. I have never tried any restaurants at Bullcreek before and this place surprised me.

Kai is a small Japanese dine in and take away place. There's only about 6 small tables in there and quite squishy too. We got there the earliest (before they even open) and waited outside the restaurant. Aunt Tina went there a couple of times but failed to get any seats, so we got there 10 minutes earlier just to get a table. Sounds a bit silly, but I think it's great! That's the passion of getting good food! hahahah

It was full just after 5 minutes from opening time. Phone started ringing too! Amazingly busy.
We got a lil corner to ourselves and happily chatted away. *Catching up*

This is a pot of Green Tea. Look at how green it is! I have no idea what's inside though.. probably tea leaves and rice. The flavour of the tea is thick for the first lot. Got a "kick" in it! But after refill, it taste just right. I'm actually fascinated by the green tea :P

Sauces and pickles.

First up! Entrees.
Agedashi Tofu.
Beautifully cooked. Perfect texture, yummy sauce. I love it.

Chicken Karaage
Juicy and crispy chicken. Dip on the sauce which have a lil chilli make it exciting :)

Nasu Dengaku
Deep Fried eggplant with sweet bean paste sauce on top
Nicely done. A crispy layer of coating on the eggplant and soft and creamy inside. With the sweet sauce.. mmmmm..... yummm....

Beef Tataki
Sliced beef that was cooked slightly. Very juicy and tender meat. Thought it was supposed to be raw but slightly cooked seals the juices in the meat make it quite nice!

Pork Broth with Egg Noodle - Tonkotsu
Thin Slices of roast pork, spring onions, pickled ginger, red jelly chinese mushroom, garlic infused oil with white sesame garnish and stock boiled egg.
4 of us shared 2 big bowls of Tonkotsu. Not an expert on this dish but I feel it's nice! The taste is just nice, broth is yum and look at the egg! Bright orange!! Did they actually timed the cooking? Impressive.

It didn't give me a wow factor, but it's nice.

California Roll
Like the flavour of the roll. The rice may not be the best though, it kinda feels a bit falling apart.

Grilled Mackerel
Nice piece of Mackerel. Nice crispy skin and juicy meat. Maybe a lil bit more salt would be perfect for me. It's one worth eating dish.

For just four of us, we kinda stuffed ourselves too much! But we loved it!
The price is definitely reasonable! Food was awesome!

Here's the menu. Not sure if you can read it, but click to enlarge.

Kai Japanese Dining & Take away

Ph 9332 0388
Shop 4/110 Parry Avenue, Bull Creek

Tues - Fri 11am-9pm
Sat - Sun 5pm - 9pm

2pm-5pm take away only.

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Jay said...

Ate sashimi there a few days ago. Been bed ridden since with gastroenteritis. I think the scallop was off. Loved the prawn tempura sushi, but will not be going back. After 3 days of stomach pain, I am only now able to walk. A bit annoyed they should be taking more care when serving raw food. Actually, this is my 4th day in bed. Stomach pains are back.

Unknown said...
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My Wey of Life said...

OMG jay!! that's bad!!! How are you feeling now??
Actually I haven't been back since because it was quite far away from where I lived..
Sad to hear their quality have gone down.. I hope they change their managements soon.. or else... Not sure if they can last any longer.

Get well soon jay!