Sunday, November 14, 2010

Joondalup Junior Upmarket

I went to Joondalup Junior Upmarket at 1pm sharp today for a lil stroll since it's a beautiful Sunday~! It was fun! Joondalup Junior Upmarket an event for families.

There's performances, jumping castle for the kids, beautiful cupcakes, handmade children clothings, cuddly animals farm and so much more!

I was so happy to see Cuddly animal farm there! I love baby animals!! They are so cute and I get to pet them! I wish I'm a lil child so I can go in and hug every baby animals! Unfortunately I'm an adult now, I will look like a psycho if I really do that.

Saw one weird bird in there. The feather it's just like a Dracula coat. I feel bad for the bird though, because she can't see anything from the side!

Look! Rabbits! and look! Rabbit is squeezing the guinea pig at the corner! Poor thing :P Don't worry, the guinea pig is still alive after 10 minutes or more squeezing by the fat rabbit.

I saw BABE too!!! Awwwwwwww I so wanna cuddle the piggy!

But I wanna cuddle this lil girl more! The chubby lil girl was just beside the lil piggy and gave me a beautiful cute smile to me.

After having fun looking at the baby animals, I head to the Upmarket to have a look.

I love handmade products. They just look absolutely beautiful. Simple and nice.

You know I love food and I love cute stuff. This stall fits all my criteria! Bella Bambini Birthdays had the cutest cupcakes and christmas cookies! Beautifully packed and look delicious!

Mini Threads
by Elle! I love the dresses for the girls and the soft toys that she made! It's so colourful and full of cuteness!

The mini antique looking chairs!!! Aren't they cute? Too bad I can't have them at home :(

There were some tent set up for educational purposes for kids! They teaches the kids on Recycling and care for the environment. Very informative.

The Police car and the lil place for the criminals :P

Hahaha.. How can I not eat something there? That's just impossible. I had the Fried swirly potatoes. It was actually too much for me! I had to share it with Elisha and Joe hahaha.

It's a fun and relaxing event and I love it.

If you missed out this one, you can go to the next Joondalup Upmarket 6-9pm, Friday nights at the Central Walk, Joondalup.
19 & 26 Nov and 3,10 & 17 Dec. Check out Perth Upmarket for more details!

Happy Sunday people!!! :D

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