Monday, November 1, 2010

Cannnigvale shopping

I have found a place to shop on Sunday! Not City, not Northbridge! It's Canningvale! It's been a long time since I last went there.. probably 2 years ago?
I was so surprised to see that place have changed so much!
No more old and dirty looking shops! It's now new and all sorts of shops around! The most important thing is.. it's open on Sunday til 4pm!

They got my favourite packaging (food) shop! Cute cupcakes papers, japanese style containers, cake decorations and much more! When I get in, I went "I want this! I want that!"

There's Indian groceries, chinese groceries, butcher, seafood, restaurants, lollies shop and much more! It's great! Lots of bargains and lots of choices!

Canningvale is officially my favourite spot for Sunday shopping! I can spend my whole day there on Sunday~ There's swap meet in the morning til 12pm then I can go to groceries shopping after! How good is that? A place for me to kill time :P

Anyway, Joe and I have stopped by Market City Hawker to have lunch.

Joe got Chicken Rice's Chicken with noodles. (Because the rice has sold out, so they suggest to have it with noodle instead.) Chicken Rice but No Rice. Hahaha

I had the Fish Head Mee Hoon. Fish was quite tasty, unfortunately the Mee Hoon soup base is not that tasty. But it's still quite good. :)

After walking around in Canningvale, we drove down the road to Oriental Cash and Carry Supermarket. It was huge! I went crazy there. I bought quite a lot of stuff because it's quite cheap :P

These snacks I bought from Canningvale lolly shop~
Caramel Popcorn! I miss caramel popcorn so much!!!
The willy wonka chocolate and pinky. Never have them before so decided to buy them and try.

Guess what, I can't help it when I saw him in the packaging. Jay Chou Milk Tea hahaha.

Why not~ ? :P Hopefully it's good haha

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