Saturday, November 20, 2010

Boatshed, Cottesloe

I went to Boatshed Market today at Cottesloe. My friend Weiching told me Boatshed Market is having a lil Summer Food Festival and I went!

I love Boatshed. I love everything in there. The flowers, the food, the products.. they are premium. If you love food and pretty things, you will definitely fall in love with Boatshed like I do. hehe

Boatshed have a couple of stalls set up just outside of the shop serving cooked prawns, smoked fish, freshly baked baguette, cheeses, drinks, steak and yummy Oysters.

It's free tasting and it is DELICIOUS.
The oysters are so fresh and yummy together with Tetsuya's Vinegar For Oysters and I ate half a dozen there.

Ops! Not my fault!! It's really yum and I was hungry... :P

The grape juice is beautiful for summer! Non alcoholic, grape bubbles.

I tried a few pieces of the steak too.. omg.. it's so tender and juicy!

After trying everything there like a couple of times.. ( I told you I was hungry...) I went into the shop and started drooling all over the floor. Look at the food from the deli!

The healthy selections of salads

Huge varieties of meat and pasta!

They look so beautiful and absolutely HIGH CLASS. Who hates beautiful food like this?? Whoever that sees this, confirm to buy at least 1 thing to eat.

Well, at least something from the Tempations Bakehouse if you are full!

As you know Christmas is around the corner, Boatshed have a huge range of Christmas products! I really feel like buying all of them home! But I stopped myself from buying.. I gotto control my food intake!

Although I stopped myself from buying snacks but I failed to stop myself for buying too much for my lunch!

Tuscan Cous Cous, Turkey Kofta, Pumpkin & Feta tart, Grape Juice and.. a dozen of fresh Oysters with a small tub of Tetsuya's Vinegar For Oysters!

Yea.. that's what happen if I'm wandering around alone with empty stomach. I just wanna eat everything!

Thanks Weiching for letting me know! The prawns are yum yums!

Anyway, if you happen to see this today, head to the Boatshed Market tomorrow 10-2pm at Jarrad St, Cottesloe (Near Jade Chinese Restaurant)

Trust me, eat the Oysters!!! It's good!!!!

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