Monday, November 29, 2010

[Photog] My First Wedding Shoot

Few weeks ago, I got a chance to assist Christine on a wedding shoot. I was really excited about the opportunity that was given as I have always wanted to shoot a wedding.

The reason why I want to shoot a wedding is actually quite simple. I want to take good candid photos. I am never a photo taking person, maybe because I hate photo of me being taken when I'm young, eventually I avoid cameras.

It's after I started blogging, I'm a person who is not good in writing, slow in planning what to write. For that reason, I started taking photos for my blog. Photos explains everything in one go. haha! From then on.. my blog is just full of photos and slowly I find myself really picky on the outcome of the photos that I took. Does the photo speaks for itself, is the photo good enough to show?

After a while, I upgraded my camera from P&S to DSLR which gives me more freedom on what I wanted to create. I'm still learning in progress, going to short camera courses, randomly taking photos when I go out for a walk, and take lots of candid shots whenever we are celebrating birthdays for friends.

I find wedding shoot is probably the most tiring job! A wedding photographer is everything!

A Organizer (Help to plan on what to shoot and where to go for a shoot)
A Comedian (Make the bride and groom laugh to get the shots of natural laughters-well they are not models.. they probably just like me before, hate the cameras!)
A Friend (Understand them, in order to take photos that are related to them)
A Helper (Just in case she's sad over a messy hair! Hairpins ready!)
A Perfectionist (Who wanna have a crappy wedding photos??)
An Army (I gotto get on the ground sometimes to get a nice shot)
A Strong Body (carry your camera related things around)
Most importantly is a set of Good Eyes for creative shooting and understand your camera well.
There's more! But you get the idea ahahha

I have to admit, I gotto salute to those part time wedding photographer. They got a full time job and during weekends they are shooting weddings. I have only shoot one wedding from 2-7pm non stop, I am already half dead when I'm having my dinner at 8.30pm! But I'm enjoying every moment of it, getting every photos to be perfect, because I want the Bride and Groom to have good memories of their wonderful day.

Anyway, below are just some slide show of the photos that I've taken from the wedding and courses.

I think I have improved quite a lot. :P
The only concern for myself is being A Comedian...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Perth Upmarket November 2010, UWA

This is probably my third time to Perth Upmarket and I'm still enjoying going there!
My first Upmarket experience was at Perth Town Hall in 2009, and the second time was at the UWA Winthrop Hall during June 2010.

I got there nice and early today before everybody rush in so that I can capture some nice photos and do some Christmas shopping :P

I love everything handmade. It's just feel original and unique. Perth Upmarket is the best place to go if you want something different, something handmade and creative as a gift or for yourself.

You can get something cute...
Some creative drawings for your room walls...

Something to accessorize..

and learn knitting from this lady, so that you can knit something for me! :P

While I was there, I found some new stalls appeared in the Upmarket and I love their stuff!
These are some of my favourites!

One Sunday Morning

The Rainy Cloud catches my attention! It's so so cute, don't you think?
and the Birds!!! They are just adorable on the branch!!!

Lorgie & me

Lorgie & me sell Journals, Albums and notebooks. The quality of the book is really long lasting and these are the books that can keep forever and ever.

Dark Nouveau

Dark Nouveau is probably the most different in terms of style and design in the whole Upmarket. They got gorgeous range of stuff from cuff links to time piece! Check it out here!

Ragged Spendour

I was in love with the lil Casper-like doll! (bottom left pic)
Seriously, it's too cute!

Lastly, before I left Perth Upmarket, I had to get something for my mouth!
I bought a packet of biscuit for myself from the Pink Parlour! Yum! ^-^

If you missed this Perth Upmarket, make sure you go to the Subiaco Upmarket on the 2nd Dec 5pm-9pm.

It's gonna be loads of fun! :)

Lunch @ Tan Po Po, Mount Lawley

I went to have a stroll at the Beaufort Street festival yesterday and it was soooo hot! I had to stop by somewhere to rest my skin and cure my hunger. That was at Tan Po Po.

I've been wanting to try this place out since a year ago, just didn't have the chance until I walked passed the shop that they moved in across the road from Dome.

It was the Beaufort St Festival on that day, I think because of the crowd, the shop was in a mess. Empty plates, bowls, drinks and trays were everywhere on the tables and chairs. It was so busy they just didn't have the time to clean up the place. It was a bit unpleasant, but what can we/they do? I can see they have tried their best to clear it. Poor them.

Anyway, I ordered Chicken Teriyaki from the lunch menu for only $5.90. It was cheap!
Massive bowl of rice and nicely fried chickens. Not much of the teriyaki sauce given, so I felt like I was eating Rice with Karaage instead. haha.. that's okay.. I can't be bothered to ask them. I like the side salad too. For small eater (well, on that day at least) like me and on a hot summer day, I think this is just right. I didn't finish the rice though..

I had some Tuna Sushi too, just to try. It was good. Nice fresh cut of Tuna with the nicely vinegar-ed sushi rice. Yum.. It's quite surprising to see the tuna slices got some bits of wasabi on it. Never seen it before though.

Overall, Tan Po Po is an affordable and quite reasonable quality Japanese food on Beaufort Street.

Tan Po Po Takeaway & Dine In
Mon-Sat Lunch 11.30-5pm
Dinner 6pm-9.30pm
Ph 9328 8313

Tan Po Po on Urbanspoon

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Just witnessed a terrible accident this afternoon on a busy intersection.

The accident looked really bad. Motorcycle smashed into pieces and car didn't looked too good too. Saw a crying girl and the other one was on the ground while people trying to save him. Hopefully that person is okay.

Felt terrible seeing situation like this. The whole world turned gloomy suddenly on a hot sunny day.

Please drive safe everybody. Don't speed and concentrate on driving. You don't want to see this happen to anyone, even yourself. Be safe.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Nuffnang Christmas Blogger Challenge

This post is for Nuffnang Christmas Blogger Challenge!
So, Nuffnang asked me to pick out the best blog post that I wrote in 2010 and write a blog post explains why it's my favourite.
and here's the reason why :)

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Now you know why this is my favourite post?
Although I’m now broke from making the cards, I feel really satisfied!
Happy that I have a bunch of friends that supports me
mentally and spiritually - and happy that Nuffnang is helping the
blogging community so much! Thanks Nuffnang! I will be a happy Nuffy forever!

Thank you Nuffnang for the encouragement
and here’s a MEDAL for you!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dinner @ The Silk Road, Ardross

The Silk Road is a fine dining Oriental restaurant. They were Gold Plate Finalist from 2007-2009 and winner on the 2009.

Nice ambience and very prompt & friendly service.

I actually bought the 3 course voucher from Scoopons Perth for $59 a dinner for 2, which was an awesome deal. The voucher includes entrees, mains, desserts and a bottle of wine.

First course was served to us, Peking Duck Wraps.
Roasted Duck fillet with slivers of spring onion & cucumber; wrapped in a delicate crêpe with Hoi Sin sauce.

Beautifully presented and happy to see thin slices of wraps!
I had a couple of Peking duck wraps before around Perth and they served thick and not very nice looking skin wraps..

Served with hoisin sauce, I can eat this forever. mmmmm..... Just hope the Duck skin can be a little bit crispier.

For mains, Joe had Beef Rendang.
Medallions of beef in a spicy Rendang sauce, served with steamed rice and Achar salad.

Rendang was nice according to Joe and Achar can be more flavorful. But I'm not quite sure about the vege at the side of the rice. To me, it looks random. haha

and for me..I had the Szechuan Chicken.
Tender chicken wok fried with onions, red capsicum, broccoli, sugar peas, baby beans and dried chilli in a tasty Szechuan sauce served with steamed rice.

I was dissapointed when it came to me all in a plate because I was hoping to see a claypot. It was mentioned in the menu that it will serve in the claypot. So I thought it will look good for photographing! But that's not important anyway. haha

My dish looks really good, the veges were fresh and looked perfect, chicken were tender and taste good. The only regret is I forgot to ask them to cook it spicier. Dumb me.

As for Dessert, we both had the Glutinous Rice sweet soup with vanilla ice cream topped with candied orange peel. Well presented and yum. In my opinion, the chef did something different with the dessert though.. there's a lil hint of saltiness in it. Normally should be just sweet. But because of the saltiness, it makes is a lil more interesting to the taste.

Overall, The Silk Road is a nice place to dine if you want Oriental food but with good ambience, less crowded (not like hawker style packed with people and yelling at each other) and good service. Unfortunately, it's not for Asian like me who can have these anyday just by asking mom to cook it for lunch or dinner. (except the Peking Duck of course :P)
But I enjoyed my dining experience there, it's quite pleasant.

The Silk Road
18 Riseley Street, Ardross
Ph 9315 5298
Closed on Monday

Silk Road on Urbanspoon


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