Thursday, October 7, 2010

Where did I buy my camera & Accessories from

People who knows me will know that I love taking photos.. of everything! They probably know what is the brand of my camera too because I take it out so often. Anyway, my first camera that I bought for myself is the Canon G9.

He has done a pretty good job for my photos and it's a bloody good camera. Before I got him, I did a lot of research on different cameras and did a price comparison too! For a poor person like me :P can't afford to do impulse shopping or even buy it from the shop here in Oz because the shop here charged a bit more expensive.

So, I went to e-bay and found DigitalRev.

DigitalRev is a company from Hong Kong that sell everything about camera. They blog about the cameras, compare the cameras, video it and show you how good or how bad is the camera and they offer reasonable price too!

After comparing from the camera shop in Perth and DigitalRev, G9 actually $200 cheaper from DigitalRev. Not only that, DigitalRev offer 1 extra free battery, 1 SD card, tripod and a set of camera care products. It's a good deal! I ordered it, paid, sit and wait for my package to arrive. It only took them only 2-3 weeks, and my camera arrived safe and sound.

Nearly 3 years after that (which is recently), I bought myself another camera from DigitalRev. My new Canon 50D SLR.

Again, reasonable price and arrived to my house safe and sound. Very happy!
Go to DigitalRev and have a look, you might find something nice for yourself or for your loved ones!

Other than that, let me introduce you Photojojo.

Photojojo is a website that gives you tips on photography and sell quirky stuff for your cameras!
Recently, I bought myself a Camera Strap buddy and Diana F+ Lens Adaptor.

The Strap is pretty cool! If you use SLR before you will know what the photo means. A simple and quick fix to all of your heavy-camera-carrying, neck-aching, stomach-socking, lens-knocking problems.

See! it works!

Next is the Adaptor for my SLR.

It's a lovely plastic lens that transforms my beloved hunk of metal and glass into a digital toy camera. I can now get that lovable Lo-fi "technology" on my digi cam from Lomography's series of Diana plastic cameras.

Joe bought me a set of Lomo camera and lens for me 2 christmas ago and I havent got many chance to play with it because the price of developing the film is too dear! But no freaking worries now! XD

Another thing that caught my attention is this pretty SLR Sloop camera bag!
This bag look nothing like a typical camera bag! So vibrant and colourful! I love it!

Wait til you see the inside!

Isn't it cool? Padded and very spacious! I'm in love with it!
Unfortunately, I couldn't afford it at the moment.. it's USD149! :(
But I believe, I will get that one day!

So.. yea! Just thought of sharing with you, if you happen to stumble across my blog. :)
Camera rocks!

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