Friday, October 15, 2010

UWA & Curtin Pasar Malam 2010

October is the Pasar Malam month. As you know I just went to one at Como.

Last week, I went to UWA Pasar Malam and look at the queue! I think it was the same as last year but not as good. It was the same "packed". Difficult to buy food and queuesss.

But what to do.. it's a once a year event, so when you get there, you just wanna try to eat as much as you can! So you will suddenly change to a different person, squeeze in the crowd and order whatever they got eventhough you don't know what it is.

I took mostly crappy photos because there were so many people around, plus I'm short, plus I'm hungry, so I couldn't be bothered to take nice shots. :P

Anyway, me and my friends manage to get some food to share.

The food was alright except the Chwee Kuey is like a rock, the ba khua looked like burnt and the satay is a bit dry. :P haha..

But i'm happy :)


Yesterday, I have brought my friends and her parents to the Curtin Pasar Malam as one of my friend told me is the best Pasar Malam.

No doubt it's the best. The food range is insane. All sorts! I got there at 6pm sharp and there were already people lining up getting food! Unfair!!! It started at 6pm, and why people can buy food before that??

This is the crowd when started. A lot of people isn't it?
There's Indian food, Pakistan, Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, Indonesian and lots lots more.. I can't even remember what I saw yesterday!

There were entertainers, performances and raffles! It was better than UWA's Pasar Malam!
I was sitting on the grass eating and I saw this tall woman (above) she is quite funny, she will make shy faces, poses for camera and all sorts. I was back facing her eating, then when I turned back, I suddenly saw her at the back, sitting on the big bin, adjusting her "leg". Poor girl..

Curtins Pasar Malam 2010 probably is the biggest ever event. The organisers did an excellent job on this event! It was 3 times bigger than ever before and attracted 7000 people!

Can you believe it??
People queuing up in every single stalls. It's insane! Joe had to queue up for Satay for me for nearly 45minutes!!! It's really insane.

That means.. there's really nothing much to do in Perth! hahahaha.. Chinatown probably feeling pretty quiet yesterday I guess.

I can't believe my friend found Keropok Lekor! It's one of my favourite during high school days! I like the crispy ones.. hehe.. These ones is not "fishy" taste enough.
and I got cheated for the Ramly burgers! Those are not friggin Ramly burger! Not even close!! REFUND!!! nah... just joking. I ate it all anyway. Oh wait.. I didn't.. I ate half and gave the rest to Joe :P

Alan and Joe queuing up to buy Satay.. Look at the crowd behind them!

Yea.. they both weren't happy about the longggg wait for satay :P

I'm looking fwd to go to the Curtin's Pasar Malam again next year hehehe I think it's a great day out! As long as you get there EARLY and grab the food FAST!

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