Saturday, October 9, 2010

Small Intestine for nom nom

Yes, you see it right. I have cook something that I never thought that I will cook at home. Small Intestine. Sang Cheong.

I like to eat Small Intestine since I was young. I still remember how I started liking this dish. When I was young, my father loves to go out for supper most of the night at any kopitiam or food stall outside our house. We will always have noodles. All kinds of noodles and different style of cooking. Like Fook Kin Chao, Yee Min, Lor Mee, Wat Tan Hor and etc.

Then until one day, he changed his menu and order something else that I have never eaten before in my life. The Stir Fry Small intestine. Chao Sang Cheong. After that, I am in love with that dish. It's crunchy and tasty! No smelly taste!

Every year, when I go back to Malaysia, I will ask my father to bring me to have that dish. He will keep his promise, drive me around, just to have a yummy plate of Chao Sang Cheong.

Unfortunately, I can't find it in any restaurant here in Perth. So, I have decided to cook it myself.

Small Intestine!!!! XD
It's my first attempt! I was very excited at myself haha.

Wash the intestine, cut it and boil it. Prepare ingredients and ready to stir fry.
Super spicy small chilli, loads of chopped garlics, onions, dried prawns, oysters sauce, soya sauce, dark soya sauce, salt and pepper.


My plate of Chao Sang Cheong!
Honestly it wasn't very tasty, I didn't put enough sauce. But still crunchy!
I think I will try again til I get it perfect! XD

Actually, Joe did one of his favourite too! Kuey Chap. I have no idea and never taste it before. It was his first time making it and I love it!

Pigs liver, intestine, blood, belly, eggs and some other part of pork, serves with square flat noodle.


Inner parts dinner! hehehe...

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