Sunday, October 17, 2010

Photography Class - Imagetree

Few months ago, I came across and managed to get myself a very good deal on a photography course by ImageTree.

Honestly, I have been eyeing on this course for quite some time but because of the price, I kinda put the thought off for a while. Fortunately enough, I saw the promo on Jump On It for only $99 for Protrack 1+2, without any hesitation, I bought the deal straight away. :)

I went online, looked up the timetable to see which date that is suitable for me. Booked, easily done and there I am, in the Old Fremantle Prison today, where the Photography classes are held.
Unusual place to have the class isn't it? But it's really cool.

This was the corner where the prisoner tried to escape. The prisoner's shirt got stuck apparently because the wire was too sharp and failed to escape. Such a genius.

Anyway, the class started at 10am and goes til 5pm! I know.. it's a loooong day but trust me, the time past really fast while you are in the class learning so much and shooting the models.

This is my first shot of the day. Poppy.
It's just an experimental shot after the trainer, Rob teaches us about the rules of taking good photo. It's quite interesting to see the example that he showed us. Didn't know there's such rules :P

These are just random shots in the old prison.

The place look a lil bit haunted but very clean. Well, that's what I feel anyway, not saying there's really something there! The Old Prison is definitely a perfect place to have a cool photoshoot.

The man on the right is our trainer, Rob. He is very knowledgable but he tends to ignore me.
He teaches us a lot of stuff. Probably everything you need to know about the camera. The dials, meter, ISO, Av, Tv, exposure, histogram, tips on lenses, well, basically every single basics that you should know.

I find it quite intense for the beginners as they have no idea on what is what. Lucky enough, I already know some of it. So it wasn't that difficult for me to understand. I think it's better to have a little play around and a little understanding on Av and Tv is definitely useful before you enter to this class.

The first few hours was intense. Info info info for 3 and a half hours. My stomach was actually growling so loud that time I had to pretend it wasn't me :P haha..The reason why we had our lunch later it's because we got 1 student came late. So we had to wait for her for a bit. Anyway, we had our lunch around 1.30pm. Then about 2pm, shooting the model time!

The model was stunning. She is very nice, very chatty and pretty smile. She's a nurse and it's her first time doing shoots. Her name is.. Pirana...I'm actually not really sure what's her name is but I thought her name sounds like a dangerous species :P

When I first started shooting, I didn't know where to start! What angle, what pose, what lighting! But after a while, I get the hang of it. It's pretty fun.

After 1 and a half hour shoot, we went back to have another hour of class, then ends at 5.30 ish.
It was a great class with nice people. I wish I could go for Protrack 3, 4, 5 & 6. But I think I will put it aside first. Need to save some money haha. It's worth going definitely. I think it's way better than CameraClub's beginners course that I went last year.

Got home, transfer the photos to my lappie and go through the photos.
At the moment, I found my 2 favourite shots out of 120 photos. I know... it's pretty lousy but hey! I'm beginner! :P

so, what do you think?


L said...

too awesomely fun! hope to see more of photos!

Anonymous said...

Jojo wrote...
"Her name is.. Pirana...I'm actually not really sure what's her name is but I thought her name sounds like a dangerous species"

Ha ha ha, too funny!!:))

Fantastic photos btw, love the last two!


Anonymous said...

i love the poppy shot! the flower looked so strong and symbolic. nice work jo! :) wc

Jo Serwey said...

L: Yea it was! It was a great experience!

Judy: Thanks!!! ^-^

Wc: I'm quite happy with the Poppy photo too! Never done that kind of shot before!