Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lunch @ What the Pho!, Northbridge

Yes, another Vietnamese Restaurant in Perth! I think Vietnamese food is the "in" thing in Perth now. Slowly conquering the other Asian food. :P

What the Pho!
Such a catchy name! The shop really modern too! I think this is the only modern looking Vietnamese Restaurant that I've been to so far. Nice deco and nice music! :P

Quite a huge range of food to choose from.
Found some Chinese food in there too, like the Fish Head Vermicelli Soup! One of my recent favourite since I had it in KL. Not sure if this one here is good, I will try it next time! Today, I will just try the Traditional Beef Noodle Soup and Broken Rice. The 2 must try dish.

For drinks, I had the Coconut juice and Joe had Ice Coffee.

Beef Noodle Soup.
Look! Got tribe! Not many restaurant serves beef tripe and so this is something different :)
The pho is very very tasty! Soup is so tasty you just wanna keep drinking it but you might feel a little overdose by it. Noodle is perfectly cook. I love it!

The broken rice is very yum too! Love the Pork chop. Very tasty and tender. Love the lil bits of burn corner of the pork chop.

The mince pork wrapped in bean curd skin sausage taste awesome too! I really love it.
To have it with the soft and fluffy broken rice~ mmmm..... I can have this everyday~

What the Pho! is situated right behind Villa Italia at Corner of William & Aberdeen street.
Opens Monday to Sunday 11.30am-9.30pm

Ph: 9228 1180

update: Joe and I went back there again to have lunch, we were dissapointed with the dishes that we ordered. I had 3 types of entree and it wasn't good. Especially the stuff squids, it was tough and rubbery. Sang choi bao: mostly bean shoots. Joe's noodle soup, taste like they put a whole scoop of MSG into it. okay... not impress :P

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