Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lunch @ Publican Bar and Cafe, Victoria Park

The lunch was kind of a celebration lunch for Brooke. It's the happiest lunch I ever had! Christine was shocked, Judy teared and I was shocked and teared!

This was what we have ordered for lunch yesterday. Yea.. we were kinda shocked too when we saw how much we ordered. But hey! We finished everything!

We had some Garlic Bread to start off.
Pretty good the Garlic Bread. I like it! Buttery and garlicky.

Crispy Chicken Wings with Atomic Chilli Sauce.
No, it's not Atomic. Got cheated :P

Chorizo & Manchego Croquettes with Smoked Paprika.
Perfectly crispy and soft and gooey inside. But not my favourite.

Mixed Sauteed Mushrooms.
Pretty decent.

Salt & Pepper Squid with Garlic Aioli.
This one is pretty good!

Roast Pork Belly with Apple Chutney.
If the pork were a lil more juicy.. it will be excellent! The Apple Chutney was delish!! I like it!

Tempura Prawns served with Sour Cream & Mexican Sauce.
Interesting sauce. Prawns were fresh and tasty!

Mini Arancinis.
This is yummo! It was one good Arancinis. I know it's difficult to make and time consuming. The chef deserves a two thumbs up!

Pumpkin & Pesto Dumplings.
Interesting dumplings. Good combo and it's quite filling!

Spicy Meatballs in Rich Tomato Sauce with Parmesan Cheese.
I love the tomato sauce.. very rich and tasty. But I thought the meatballs can be more meaty..

Overall, I'm quite happy with the food and service! Friendly staff with big smile on her face and servings were generous! Love it.

You must be wondering why were we shocked and teared! Probably most of you can guess what it is by now...but I can't reveal it just yet.. hehe.. I will tell you soon!

Yes.. she's pregnant! Yay!!! We can't wait for her bub to pop out! Congrats Brooke!!! I feel like tickling the lil feet now!

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L said...

oh my i am salivating already! i shouldnt just settled lunch with macca. haha.