Thursday, October 14, 2010

Just Dance 2

I finally got Just Dance 2!! It was out today and I quickly get it not because I'm afraid that it will sell out but I wanna play! I have waited this since I'm half bored with the first one! (because I played it everyday)

This one is more difficult but way cooler! The graphics are cool, the dances are different and you can play duet!!

It has more functions like dance battle, up to 8 players and there is workout section!

The song selections are good and suitable for guys too! I can't dance the guys ones... It's too difficult! Especially the song call 'Jump' ..gosh... That song makes you tired!

I think it will be funny to play this as a game punishments at the parties! Hehehehe

Well, its a good workout too!! :D

Jbhifi - $59
Eb - $68
Games - $65 (online price)

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