Tuesday, October 5, 2010

FGA Pasar Malam 2010, Como

Last Saturday, Joe and I went to the FGA Pasar Malam in Como. Yes, my favourite place to go of all time! Pasar Malam here is very different from the ones in Malaysia. Pasar Malam here doesn't sell clothes, no toys, no knick knacks, no pirated DVDs.

Pasar Malam here only sell FOOD. All kinds. of course, not as much choices as the ones in Malaysia.. but I'm happy enough to see there's Pasar Malam here in Perth! XD

FGA Pasar Malam is a charity event organize by a church. The Charity will go to the Cancer Council of WA, Eagles Wings Ministry for the Homeless, and Christmas Island Community Outreach.

I salute to the people who organize, cook, sell, in charge of the traffic, and every body who help out there. They don't get paid at all doing all these... they are all volunteers.. such nice people isn't it? Willing to give up their time to do all these hard work. *Tear~*

Anyway, as a Kiasu (afriad to lose anything), I'm there 5 minutes early to get a nice car park and grab whatever I can. hehe... They sell quite a lot of different kind of food! Satay, Char kuey teow...

Ramly burger.. dude! Ramly burger man...

Muah Chee... Laksa...

Takoyaki...Kuih.. and lots more!

Because it's a charity, you gotto buy the ticket voucher from the counter first before you can purchase any food. It's a good idea.. hahaha keep track of the money and no cheating :P

Anyway, my eyes are more hungry than my stomach. I bought so much and suffer to finish :P
Joe had to eat my share hahahah poor thing.

Cincau soya milk and Glutinous Rice with coconut milk

Rose syrup flavour jelly and muah cheees

Satay.. not enough satay sauce :( so stingy ~~~

Teh Tarik.

Witness something really funny while I was waiting for my Teh Tarik. You know you gotto Q up and wait for your turn to order right.. I was standing at the side waiting and there was this aunty's came and saw 1 whole lot of Tea bags on the table (to make the teh tarik), she straight away changed her mind, pointing at the whole lot of tea bags and said.. (asian slang)

"Aiyer, you use these one to make one ah?? *shaking her head* Like that I don't want already"

Then she turned away and walk off. Everybody was stunt by what she said for 2 seconds, until a friend of them said "Good one guys..." and we all laugh.. XD

I just find it funny because of her disgusted face ahahhahaha..
You don't actually expect to have authentic food and drinks just like what you have in Malaysia here in a charity event. It's too costly and waste of time.. of course.. everybody wants something nice.. but sometimes it's just impossible.. One of the reason probably is because there's not enough population..

I bought Char Kuey Teow for a friend and it looks nothing like Char Kuey Teow

Nasi Lemak.
Joe didn't like it at all.. ops! :P

It's okay! UWA's Pasar Malam is just 2 days away and I'm going! Yay! The food there is a lot better because I went there last year and it was awesome and packed!!!

There will be one more at Curtin on the 15th Oct!
Hohoho... .I'm gonna be so FAT! XD

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