Monday, October 4, 2010

Dinner @ That's a Little Thai Restaurant, Northbridge

Last Friday, Joe and I went to That's a Little Thai Restaurant in Northbridge with my 2 long-time-no-see Uni friends. One of my long-time-no-see friend is Thai and she said That's a Little Thai Restaurant's food is one of the best restaurants that serves authentic Thai food. She said it's the closest.

They have only been opened for 3 months and the restaurant looked great! I love the way they decorated the place with papers sticking all over the wall with a touch of Thai. Funky.

The restaurant is quite big and spacious! There's even couches for you to chill with a couple of friends and some beers :)

On that night, we leave the ordering to my Thai friend because we wanted something really Thai, something not Green Curry or Phad Thai.

Suddenly I felt like I'm in Thailand and like a tourist when my friend is ordering in Thai. It's pretty cool! haha.. I so wish I can understand what they were talking about. I just wanna join in the fun! Kapunka~

Anyway, it's food time. The food we had that night it's pretty spicy.
What do you need to be aware when ordering Thai food here in this restaurant, do not order medium or hot. Just order Mild, because even just mild, it can already make u suffer (if you accidentally eat the chillis. Probably avoid the visible chillis, then u will be fine)
Prepare some tissues.

We had Sticky Rice instead of normal steam rice. Something different to me, cuz I have never tried the Thai Sticky Rice before. It's not common here in Perth, so they don't make many of them. So don't be surprise when they said they ran out when you request it.

Som tum. Papaya (pawpaw) Salad
I think this is pretty common dish for every Thai restaurant.
Nice and refreshing salad. Love it because there's a kick of spiciness.

Labb Salad. Chicken Minced Salad.
This dish was not in the normal menu. It was in the Thai menu. So if you want this, you probably need to request it from the waitress.
This dish taste a lil bit similar with the Papaya salad but it wasn't as spicy.

Steamed Calamari with lemon juice and chilli sauce.
Just be aware when you eat this. Do not eat any pieces of chilli because you will cry for help! The chilli was soooo spicy, it burns your tongue. I am a person who loves chilli, but the chilli they used is crazy insanely in a different level! *Tear~*

Crying Tiger. grill marinated beef
This is probably the least spicy dish of all. Doesn't look anything special, but after my friend told me how they make this dish, I find it special. Probably good to eat it accompany with beers :)

'Tom Sabb' hot and sour pork rib soup ( Thai Menu)
It's spicy. If you drink it when its hot, even spicier.
It's a very exciting dish hahahah if you like it spicy.

One more dish that I forgot to take a photo of it. Pork Sausage with fremented rice. Wrapped it with lettuce, shredded ginger and chilli. That one was pretty cool. I had never had a pork rice sausage before. :P This dish probably from the Thai menu too. Not too sure.

There you go! This is what the Thais usually have in Thailand. Common dishes and I love it! There's sweet, sour, spicy and salty at the same time.. such a wonderful combination. :)

As for dessert, I had Sticky Rice with Thai custard drizzled with Coconut cream.
Interesting texture and flavour. It is sweet but has a bit of saltiness in it too.

and Bua Loy
Homemade Thai sago made from Taro and Pumpkin in coconut syrup.
This one is just like bubble tea hahaha.. except the sago is not as chewy. The texture is in between gnocchi and sago. :P
Sweet warm dessert but I think I prefer it either really hot or really cold.

Overall, I enjoyed my dinner there with my friends learning so much from them about Thai food and their cultures. I have tried other Thai restaurant around Perth and honestly they are all the same. You know.. thick flavour like curries and the same kind of dishes in every restaurant. But That's a Little Thai Restaurant offers more than that. Authentic! I will definitely go back there again to try more of their dishes or even lunch!

Oh! and I found out that most of the Thais can really eat really spicy food. Unimaginable spicy food! Gotto salute to them.

Aroi~~~ (delicious)

9228 8823
(Near Euro Bar and a Kebab shop)
118 Aberdeen Street
Northbridge, 6003

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L said...

salivating already! Thai food is so delicious! thanks for sharing! :)

Jo Serwey said...


Unknown said...

thanks Jojo for putting this up. wanna to eat now....

Anonymous said...

I think its closed..we went there today and it dosent seem to be sad..i m really looking forward to authentic thai food..i hope they open again

Jo Serwey said...

Omg really?? Thats a shame!!!
Good thing that I've been there 3-4 times, bad thing is I can't bring my family to try those spicy food!! :(
Let me know when it's reopen!